I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes.

— Psalm 119:59

Pray for pastors and leaders of churches in the U.S, that they would preach God’s Word clearly and faithfully, that God would uphold them in righteousness, and that they would communicate his love for the world every week through this opportunity you’ve given them.

Pray that the Church in the U.S. would have eyes, ears, and a heart for the needy and lost, both here in our country and around the world. May we be known as those who love all who have need.

Praise God for new Bridge Asia volunteers that are serving through prayer, business consulting, mobilization, communications, and other ministries! Pray that the OMF U.S. team can serve and encourage them in their ministry.

Praise God for 22 new workers from the U.S. who were released to serve with OMF fields in 2019! Pray more than 40 more who are preparing to go and working to see God build up their partnership team.

Many of the team members serving with OMF (U.S.) are able to serve through the prayers and financial support of their ministry partners. Pray that in 2020 God would grow and deepen these ministry partner teams for each member of the team.

Country Profile

The United States economy is the world’s largest by nominal GDP (over USD 19 trillion in 2017), representing over 30 percent of the world economy. A highly diversified economy, the US has a world-leading industrial sector and one of the world’s largest financial markets. Fueled by abundant natural resources, the US economy is also a high-technology innovator, backed by advanced science and technology.

The US labor market attracts immigrants from all over, with a net migration rate that is among the highest in the world. As a result, it has a very diverse population. According to the US Census Bureau, Asian and mixed-race people are the two fastest growing segments of the population. This growing diversity provides a rich cultural experience. It creates tensions within society while providing abundant opportunity to reach out to the hundreds of least-reached people groups currently living in the country.

Although a secular nation, the majority of the 327 million population (70%) identify themselves as Christians. Despite these numbers, the religious profile is becoming more diverse in the US. Secularization and secular lifestyles and attitudes are being openly advocated and protected by law, and the church is viewed as increasingly irrelevant in the eyes of a growing post-Christian culture. Non-Christian religious groups are growing, and the youngest religious groups are all non-Christian.

However, God is refining his church. Despite growing opposition, there are signs of a revival, as local churches and Christians of all ages are participating in a growing re-commitment to the Lord, with an emphasis on worship, prayer and missions. The past decade has also seen an increase in churches’ desire to play an active role in the Great Commission. While there is certainly room for growth, this increase in missional awareness and enthusiasm has led to exciting new opportunities for partnership between churches and missions organizations.

In the spring of 1888, Hudson Taylor arrived in North America at the invitation of D. L. Moody to challenge Christian students and others to the possibilities of the Christian life and the needs of an unreached world. After he spoke at the Bible conference in Niagara-on-the Lake in July 1888, God supplied missionaries as well as funds. Soon after, a team from North America sailed to China with Hudson Taylor. CIM North America was born.

In 1893, separate directors were appointed for Canada and the USA, under a North American Council. Later councils were set up, and in 1969 the Canadian and US offices became completely autonomous. The US headquarters moved from the east coast to its current location in Littleton, Colorado in 1992.

In 2012, the OMF US team started on a course to maximize volunteers throughout the organization. The team worked hard to get processes and protocols in place for an expansion of the volunteer ministry, and is seeing the fruits with many keen to join as volunteers.

OMF United States Map


  • Total: 327 million
    • White: 61.3%
    • Hispanic: 17.8%
    • African American: 13.3%
    • Asian: 5.7%
    • Others: 1.9%
    • (figures from www.census.gov)


  • Christianity: 70.6%
  • No religion: 22.8%
  • Jewish: 1.9%
  • Muslim: 0.9%
  • Buddhism: 0.7%
  • Hinduism: 0.7%
  • Others: 1.8%
  • Don’t know: 0.6%

Lord, we praise you for all that you are doing in and through your church in the United States. Strengthen the church, Lord. Please continue to use your church to send many into cross cultural ministry around the world. We ask for your help with the growing volunteer ministry for OMF US.

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