Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One; you are the one Israel praises.

— Psalm 22:3

The MIA Conference (Mission in Action) is a conference occurring every four years in Thailand with the purpose of seeing the Thai church take active steps in mission involvement. The OMF Thailand office is starting to plan for the next MIA Conference in December 2023. Please pray in the midst of these uncertain times that God would lead the planning team in every step. Pray also for involvement with other mission organization in Thailand, such as SIM, OM, and Wycliffe, that are also helping host this conference together.

A Thai Christian woman preparing to serve the Shan people is working on her partnership development and medical clearance. Pray that God would bring more people to have a heart for her ministry and support her work.

Pray for a Thai couple hoping to serve in East Asia. They have finished their medical check-up and are waiting for the results. Please pray for their support level to be reached soon.

Please pray for God to use mobilization work involving other mission organization in Thailand, such as SIM, OM, and Wycliffe, to be be a blessing to the Thai Church.

Please continue to pray for a Thai couple applying to serve in East Asia. Pray for their medical and financial clearance to come soon.

Pray for OMF Thailand and the Church worldwide to hear what the Lord is saying, what he wants to teach us in this time. As OMF Thailand Field Director Ulrich Kohler wrote, “I doubt it is only how to go more high-tech and how to go on with business as usual on other platforms or with other means. Is the Lord saying things we have not yet picked up on?”

Pray for many Thais to be asking questions about life and faith during this time of crisis and for many start to follow Christ.

Pray for Thai churches to see the opportunities to serve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many churches in Thailand are involved in supporting the poor during this time. Pray for wisdom to know how to help in a truly helpful way. May not only the “squeaky wheel get the grease.” The truth is that the general Thai population now sees hunger as the bigger threat than the virus. Pray for Thai Christians as well as missionaries to be beacons of hope. Let us be faith-guided, not fear-driven.

God, thank you for your love for students in Bangkok, Nakon Sawan, and Lopburi. Please help ministries to effectively reach out to students, disciple them, and multiply so all campuses in Central Thailand have a witness.

Country Profile

About Thailand

Thailand is Southeast Asia’s second largest economy. With a free-market economy, Thailand has a strong domestic market and a growing middle class, with the private sector being the main engine of growth. The Thai economy is heavily dependent on exports. Though traditionally an agrarian society and historically one of the world’s few net food exporters, the agricultural sector today accounts for only about 8% of the country’s GDP.

Thailand has a wide and diverse range of ethnic groups.  The three main groups are the Siamese Thai, Chinese Thais and Malay peoples. The rest of the population falls into small minority groups including hill tribes, Khmers and Mons.

Thailand is struggling with rapid urbanisation. Close to 25% of its population live in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Poverty declined substantially over the last 30 years from 67% in the 1980s to 7.2% in 2015 as a result of high growth and rising agricultural prices. However, poverty and inequality continue to pose significant challenges.


Thailand is 93% Buddhist. While the Thai adhere officially to Theravada Buddhism, many people practice folk Buddhism, which has a strong element of animism. Although Thai culture is strongly intertwined with Buddhism, Thai people are free to choose whatever religion they want to practice. Less than 1% of the population in Thailand are Christians. Yet the number of Christians and churches in Thailand has doubled since the start of the century. Almost half of the Christians are in the minority peoples in the north of the country and the majority Thai people group are less than 0.4% Christian. The Thai Church has a goal to have a church in every district and sub-district by 2020. Currently there are 200 districts and 5000 subdistricts, over 75%, without a church. While these are challenging objectives, there is a sense of anticipation about what God will do as the Thai Church works towards them.

OMF Church Ministry

OMF workers in Thailand share the good news about Jesus and disciple young believers to see a church established in every sub-district in Thailand. This includes internet evangelism, sports ministries, student work, lay leadership training, and theological education. OMF works closely together with the Associated Churches of Thailand under the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand. Wherever possible OMF aims at working together with the existing Thai church to see the unreached areas of Thailand being reached with the Gospel. OMF is also partnering with more than 100 missionaries from other organizations.

OMF Mission Sending Ministry

The OMF Thailand Home Council was launched in 1990 and started sending out Thai workers in 1994. The vision is to see Christians in Thailand gain mission awareness, grow to understand mission, and go to serve in mission according to God’s call. OMF works with the Kairos course as a key mission training tool. We are praying for God to send Thai workers all over the world.

OMF Thailand Map


  • Total: 68 million
    • Siamese Thai: 81%
    • Chinese Thai: 12%
    • Malay: 6.1%
    • Tibeto-Burman: 1.2%


  • Buddhist: 93%
  • Muslim: 5%
  • Protestant Christian: 0.7%

Lord, please help the Thai church (along with their partners) to move closer to this vision to see a church in every sub-district by 2020. As they continue to grow in sharing the gospel in their own country, we pray that you would also use them to share with other peoples in other places. Please use them powerfully in missions sending.

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