‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.”

— Zech 4:6b

Pray for the OMF Singapore National Office as it continues to innovate with new ministries such as diaspora, inspiring the next generation, mobilizing marketplace professionals for these complex times, and makes progress in the digital transformation for missions.

Pray for the OMF Singapore team to manage their energy and health well – whether spiritual, physical, mental or emotional – so that they will have the capacity to show care and concern for others.

With vaccinations increasing in Singapore, pray that authorities there will have wisdom in making decisions about the further opening of the borders and economy.

God, please give the OMF Singapore mobilization team physical and spiritual health and wisdom as they review 2019 strategies and plans.

Many workers sent from Singapore are seeking God’s will for their next direction while they serve in the field or on home assignment. Lord, please reveal yourself to them as they seek you.

Country Profile

About Singapore

Singapore is a multi-religious as well as multi-ethnic country, a result of its migrant history. The racial and religious harmony of its multicultural population is the result of strict laws, judicious politics, and the promoting of a culture of mutual respect. The government remains secular, but it views religion as a positive force for instilling moral values in the society. The country’s constitution allows for religious freedom in Singapore, although that freedom is not absolute, as the constitution does not authorize any religious act that affects public order, public health, religious and racial harmony, or morality. The government keeps a watchful eye out for social or political activism within religious groups, lest they upset the religious and ethnic harmony of the country.

Economically, under the leadership of its government, Singapore has achieved first-world standards in areas such as education, tourism, medical sciences, commerce, banking, and air travel. Unemployment is low, and wage growth generally outpaces productivity growth. Yet, despite its first world living standards, poverty and inequality do exist in Singapore.


Noticeably, in the past few years, those who had no religious affiliation increased to 18.5% of the population, Of this group, many were young. About 23 % were aged between 15 and 24, compared with 14.6% among residents 55 and above. This is in line with a more educated populace and exposure to a wider range of ideologies, such as atheism and agnostics; humanism and secularism.

There are about 500 Protestant churches, 31 Catholic churches, over 60 mission agencies, and more than 350 parachurch groups (such as Christian bookshops, community outreach ministries, drug rehabilitation centers etc).

OMF in Singapore

The ‘exodus’ of CIM missionaries from China in 1951 led to their redeployment to several parts of South East Asia, including Singapore. In 1952, 39 local churches with lecturers and funds from CIM and Christian Nationals’ Evangelism Commission established the Singapore Bible College (originally, Singapore Theological Seminary). At a meeting in 1964, OMF restructured the mission to allow non-western Christians to become full members and to set up home councils in their own countries. The Home Council for Malaysia and Singapore was established in 1965. In 1977, the Malaysia Home Council was formed as a separate entity.

OMF Singapore has always encouraged Singapore churches and Christians to take on the urgent task of evangelizing East Asia. By God’s grace, OMF Singapore has sent out nearly 200 members from over 50 churches since 1964. Hundreds of short term workers have also been sent out. The Christian community in Singapore, particularly in the past two decades, has actively supported the work of OMF, in terms of personnel, prayer, and finance. The Singapore National Office (SNO) is also involved in the placement and support of colleagues as faculty in theological colleges.

OMF Singapore Map


  • Total: 6 million
    • Chinese: 76.1%
    • Malay: 15%
    • Indian: 7.4%
    • Others: 1.5%


  • Buddhism: 33.2%
  • Taoism: 10%
  • Christianity: 18.8%
    • (Roman Catholic 6.7%)
  • Non-religious: 17%
  • Muslim: 14%
  • Hindu: 5%
  • Other religions: 0.6%
  • No religion: 18.5%

Lord, thank you for growing your church in Singapore. Please continue to work in the hearts of your people in Singapore to show them your compassion for peoples all over the world. Grow your church, Lord. We pray that you would continue to use the Singaporean church powerfully in sharing your good news to people who have never heard it before.

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