Southern Africa / 07 October 2019

OMF South Africa is hoping to send several young adults on the Launch Asia course in February 2020, and then one-year Serve Asia placements for each. Please pray for commitment by those who are currently considering the opportunity.

Southern Africa / 04 October 2019

Lift up the OMF South Africa team, asking God to give them wisdom as they journey with several enquirers and applicants. Many of them do not speak English as their first language, so miscommunications can occur. Pray for the “roadblocks” experienced with some applicants to be removed.

Southern Africa / 01 October 2019

OMF South Africa is running two Taste of Missions courses at two different venues starting this month. Please pray for the preparation and presentation for these two courses. Pray for good attendance, and that many would be impacted through what they will learn on the courses and get involved in missions in one of the Six Ways.

Southern Africa / 29 September 2019

Mandisa Makasi will represent OMF South Africa at a missions conference in Cape Town next month. Pray for safe travels for her and good conversations with those who might be interested in OMF.

Southern Africa / 26 September 2019

Bryan Andrews represented OMF South Africa at a missions expo in Tygerberg recently and saw a very encouraging response. Pray for effective follow up conversations with those he met.

Southern Africa / 08 October 2018

We pray for all those preparing or are thinking whether to go to the various countries to serve full-time in missions. Speak to them, encourage them, provide for them, and help them perservere, Lord. Make your presence felt, and your will be known.

Southern Africa / 08 October 2018

Lord, you know the situation within the church in South Africa. We ask for your help, that good partnership opportunities with local churches will be birthed.

Southern Africa / 08 October 2018

Thank you for the faithfulness of the volunteers in our midst. We pray for more volunteers to come forward so that an effective high-impact volunteer network may be set up around South Africa.

Southern Africa / 08 October 2018

Lord, we thank you for the diversity of the multi-cultural South African church. We pray that this may be used to extend your kingdom as the church partners with mission agencies.

Southern Africa / 08 October 2018

Lord, we pray for the effective mobilization of the South African church so that new South African members may be sent out each year.