Vietnam / 19 May 2020

Pray for Vietnamese Christians to be a good witness to those around them, always ready to give a reason for the hope that they have in Jesus.

Vietnam / 16 May 2020

Give thanks for those producing Sunday school materials for children in Vietnam. Pray these materials would we well used and bear fruit.

Vietnam / 13 May 2020

Pray for churches in Vietnam – whether they’ve been able to take services online or have had to stop meeting due to COVID-19. Pray that church members would meet with God personally and grow in their faith.

Vietnam / 04 April 2019

Some young Vietnamese Christian leaders desire to study abroad at Bible schools or seminaries in places like Singapore or the Philippines. Such opportunities require a good grasp of English and provision of the required finances, but the experiences are often hugely impactful in the lives of the leaders who go. Thank God for the opportunities these Vietnamese believers have to study in other parts of East Asia and pray for God’s provision for the daily needs of these students. Ask God to raise up more healthy, local Vietnamese churches to support and train future leaders.

Vietnam / 03 April 2019

Thank God that there are three legal, openly operating Bible schools in Vietnam. Pray that these schools can work well together, across various like-minded denominations. Pray for the Lord to use the recent group of graduates to bear fruit in their communities. Lift up 40 new students who are in their first year of study and have a desire to serve the church. Ask for God to make himself known through their lives and ministries.

Vietnam / 02 April 2019

Believers in Vietnam are working hard to translate sections of the Bible (text and audio form) into minority languages which currently do not have a Bible or do not have a complete Bible. People are also working to translate the Bible into sign language videos. Pray for the translators to have perseverance, wisdom and insight to choose meaningful words in these important projects.

Vietnam / 13 September 2018

Thank you, Lord, that Bibles are available in Vietnamese. We pray for increased use of modern translations. We also pray for translations into many minority languages that still have no or few scriptures.

Vietnam / 13 September 2018

We pray for new leaders to be trained urgently. Lord, give wisdom to older pastors who carry heavy responsibilities. We pray for discernment in younger churches led by those with little opportunity for theological study, that you will guide them in your truth, and guard their teaching and pastor your flock. We pray for more commentaries, theological study materials and children’s materials to be translated and written for the Vietnamese church.

Vietnam / 13 September 2018

God, we pray specifically for the many regions and ethnic groups of Vietnam that remain scarcely touched by the gospel:
a. The 20 provinces and cities in Northern Vietnam that have no registered church.
b. The Northern ethnic minorities, many of which have only a few believers (Nung, Tay, Tho, Black Tai).
c. The Cham, Khmer, and over 20 million unreached Viet Kinh of the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam / 13 September 2018

Lord, we pray for unity between leaders of different denominations, registered and unregistered. We ask that the relatively larger numbers of believers in the south would have the burden and compassion to reach out across the whole country to those who do not yet know the good news.