Urban China / 28 July 2019

Please pray for OMF families who homeschool their children. For some, homeschooling is by choice; for others, it has been either been impossible to attend local school or a difficult journey doing so. Please pray for grace and patience in their homes, for children to love learning, for homeschooling parents to have adequate support, and for more helpers to come and serve alongside them. Pray for joy-filled homes.

Urban China / 24 July 2019

Please pray for OMF families who interact with local families at local schools. Pray that their children will feel at ease with local friends as they interact in what is often their second language. Please pray that these families will stand out not for being foreign, but for having joy-filled lives, and that this will lead to opportunities to speak of Jesus.

Urban China / 20 July 2019

Please pray for the impact of Christian families on Chinese society. Divorce, abortion, self-harm, domestic violence, overwhelming parental expectations – all are issues that threaten the Chinese family unit. Pray that Christian families might shine boldly – that both Chinese and expat Christians might come alongside their neighbors and friends and demonstrate the impact Jesus can make on families, that others may desire to know and be changed by Him.

Urban China / 16 July 2019

Please pray for Chinese children and youth. As religious content in classrooms is more strictly monitored, and local churches are being asked to close down Sunday Schools, please ask that Jesus himself will reveal himself to them. Please pray for the Christian teachers amongst them to have wisdom and discernment to know when to speak up, when to share of their own faith, and how to demonstrate Jesus in such closely-watched environments.

Urban China / 12 July 2019

With such great needs of people in the margins of society within the cities, pray for God to raise up more followers of Christ to join the work so that marginalized groups are able to hear the Good News. Please pray for more godly, God-centered, God-dependent, prayerful workers that want to be part of transformation and change amongst marginalized people in the cities.

Urban China / 08 July 2019

As ministry amongst the marginalized in China continues to grow and develop, pray for plans for strategy and development according to God’s will. Please pray for insight, input and inspiration from above as Christian workers seek to better facilitate the growth of believers and churches in the cities, and how to encourage them to apply the Word in action and in deed.

Urban China / 04 July 2019

As the Chinese church faces government pressure, pray that Chinese believers, especially church leaders, would continue to grow a desire and burden to take up social responsibility and look beyond their walls to how they can bless the downtrodden and less fortunate around them.

Urban China / 30 June 2019

According to information gathered from various workers amongst the marginalized in China, many of them feel lonely and experience a lack of mutual connection and encouragement from others with a similar burden towards the marginalized. Pray that God will help each one of them in their situations and pray for realistic solutions to be worked out. Ask God to increase fellowship and unity amongst those who working amongst the marginalized.

Urban China / 26 June 2019

Please pray for the establishment of a new ministry in a central China city with the aim of reaching out to men who struggle with same sex attraction. Please pray for funding, sufficient resources, a good team launch, smooth connections with local churches and prepared hearts of the people who will be reached.

Urban China / 22 June 2019

Teachers are under much work stress; even amongst Christian teachers, many don’t take the time to go to church. Pray that God would allow teachers to grow in Christian maturity, understanding and identity. Also ask God to raise up more Christian teachers who will have life-giving influence as they grow in understanding the life-giving role they are called to play.