Urban China / 10 March 2020

Please pray for the nation of China, that healing will not just be on a physical and medical level, but that this time will bring the nation, and its leadership, to come to see the Lord Almighty. May they learn not to rely on themselves, on “the people,” or on their own might, but come to see the Lord of Lords. May those in positions of political power be humble, see the frailty of the human condition, and learn to call on the King of Kings.

Urban China / 07 March 2020

Please pray for workers who remain in China – that they will be a light in a dark place at this significant point in time. Even if they are limited to communicating with people virtually (including their neighbors), may they be full of grace and hope. Pray also for protection over them physically, mentally and spiritually, as many of them are fairly isolated, working from home while schools for their children are still closed.

Urban China / 04 March 2020

Pray for the millions of people around China who are now displaced and away from their homes. This number includes many workers who are now unsure of when to return. Pray for God to be their stability, their certainty, their rock. Pray for children of families who are away from home, dealing with lots of sudden change and transition. May God shine into their hearts even in times of confusion.

Urban China / 01 March 2020

Pray for the more than 50 million people currently on lockdown in Hubei province. As people are stuck indoors, pray for Christians among them to hold onto the Lord and bring their faith in Him to those who are captive with them. May God use this opportunity to bring a people who are hurting into his fold.

Urban China / 27 February 2020

Pray for strength for medical workers dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the frontlines in Wuhan. Stories are coming out of extreme exhaustion. Pray that God will sustain them – whether these people know Him or are yet to know Him – and that even in their brokenness, they will call on powers greater than them to carry them. May they come to know that this power is the Lord.

Urban China / 28 July 2019

Please pray for OMF families who homeschool their children. For some, homeschooling is by choice; for others, it has been either been impossible to attend local school or a difficult journey doing so. Please pray for grace and patience in their homes, for children to love learning, for homeschooling parents to have adequate support, and for more helpers to come and serve alongside them. Pray for joy-filled homes.

Urban China / 24 July 2019

Please pray for OMF families who interact with local families at local schools. Pray that their children will feel at ease with local friends as they interact in what is often their second language. Please pray that these families will stand out not for being foreign, but for having joy-filled lives, and that this will lead to opportunities to speak of Jesus.

Urban China / 20 July 2019

Please pray for the impact of Christian families on Chinese society. Divorce, abortion, self-harm, domestic violence, overwhelming parental expectations – all are issues that threaten the Chinese family unit. Pray that Christian families might shine boldly – that both Chinese and expat Christians might come alongside their neighbors and friends and demonstrate the impact Jesus can make on families, that others may desire to know and be changed by Him.

Urban China / 16 July 2019

Please pray for Chinese children and youth. As religious content in classrooms is more strictly monitored, and local churches are being asked to close down Sunday Schools, please ask that Jesus himself will reveal himself to them. Please pray for the Christian teachers amongst them to have wisdom and discernment to know when to speak up, when to share of their own faith, and how to demonstrate Jesus in such closely-watched environments.

Urban China / 12 July 2019

With such great needs of people in the margins of society within the cities, pray for God to raise up more followers of Christ to join the work so that marginalized groups are able to hear the Good News. Please pray for more godly, God-centered, God-dependent, prayerful workers that want to be part of transformation and change amongst marginalized people in the cities.