United Kingdom & Ireland / 17 June 2021

Pray for OMF’s Serve Asia applicants as many of them continue to face a lot of uncertainty about if or when they will be able to go to East Asia, with borders still closed in many countries.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 21 February 2021

Pray for potential OMF workers from the UK whose applications have had to be put on hold or delayed due to the pandemic. Ask for them to have patience and assurance of God’s sovereignty. May they be reminded of God’s perfect timing and be attentive to what he is teaching them at this time.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 18 February 2021

Praise God for 49 Bridge Asia team members serving with OMF (UK)and their enthusiasm to continue to in their volunteer ministry online. Give thanks for the online prayer meetings, conferences and courses they have been able to host and pray for much fruit from these.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 15 February 2021

Praise God for the start of the new Discover series of the Serve Asia Podcast. The focus of the series is to help listeners to learn more about the history, culture, and Christian context of the different countries in East Asia. By learning more about these places, our hope is that Christians will be inspired and equipped to share the good news of Jesus across the street and across the world. Please pray that the new episodes will help many to learn and grow in their understanding of following and sharing Jesus in other cultures.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 12 February 2021

Please pray for the planning committee for the OMF (UK) national conference in March 2022 as they invite speakers and develop the theme and outline of the event.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 09 February 2021

Pray for wisdom and discernment for the OMF (UK) leadership team as they review the past year and consider the strategic priorities for OMF (UK) in the future.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 06 February 2021

Pray for the OMF (UK) finance team in a busy period of financial end of year tasks. Pray for attention to detail, perseverance and joy as they serve.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 03 February 2021

Give thanks for God’s generous provision for OMF (UK)’s financial needs in 2020. We remain dependent on his provision for our needs. Please pray for continued good income levels in 2021.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 31 January 2021

Pray for Brian & Laureen Powell as they formally join the OMF (UK)office team in January. Brian will be serving as assistant director for candidates and Laureen as assistant personnel manager. Pray for them as they have to take on a lot of new information and get used to their new roles, while also having the challenge of beginning work remotely. (Read about their journey here)

United Kingdom & Ireland / 28 January 2021

Give thanks for the faithful service of two OMF (UK) home medical advisors who are stepping down in January. Pray for their replacements as they get up to speed with their new roles.