Thailand / 22 May 2020

Pray for OMF Thailand and the Church worldwide to hear what the Lord is saying, what he wants to teach us in this time. As OMF Thailand Field Director Ulrich Kohler wrote, “I doubt it is only how to go more high-tech and how to go on with business as usual on other platforms or with other means. Is the Lord saying things we have not yet picked up on?”

Thailand / 19 May 2020

Pray for many Thais to be asking questions about life and faith during this time of crisis and for many start to follow Christ.

Thailand / 16 May 2020

Pray for Thai churches to see the opportunities to serve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thailand / 13 May 2020

Many churches in Thailand are involved in supporting the poor during this time. Pray for wisdom to know how to help in a truly helpful way. May not only the “squeaky wheel get the grease.” The truth is that the general Thai population now sees hunger as the bigger threat than the virus. Pray for Thai Christians as well as missionaries to be beacons of hope. Let us be faith-guided, not fear-driven.

Thailand / 13 September 2018

God, thank you for your love for students in Bangkok, Nakon Sawan, and Lopburi. Please help ministries to effectively reach out to students, disciple them, and multiply so all campuses in Central Thailand have a witness.

Thailand / 13 September 2018

Lord, thank you for Bible Seminaries in Thailand. We pray that the students in these seminaries will not only gather knowledge and be practically equipped for their future ministries but grow in their love and trust for you. May they become servant leaders and be a blessing for the churches.

Thailand / 13 September 2018

Father, help us to have effective partnerships with the Associated Churches in Thailand (ACT) as well as with like minded organizations to bring the gospel to places where it has not been heard yet. Please give the different Thai denominations unity in you as they work together in their provinces.

Thailand / 13 September 2018

Lord, thank you for your work through Kanok Bannasan Christian publishers. Please help them to be strategic and effective in meeting the literature needs of the growing Thai Church.

Thailand / 13 September 2018

God, thank you for bringing your gospel into the lives of Thai people that are studying or working overseas. Please help these believers to continue growing in their faith as they return to Thailand.

Thailand / 13 September 2018

God, please work powerfully through Project Paul, a training in Thai to develop Thai church planters. We ask that you would help church planting teams to see more than one church started at one time.