Taiwan / 22 August 2020

Praise God that the Hope Team, a church planting ministry in Taiwan, will baptise four young people in a few weeks. The young people plan to invite some of their non-believing friends to the baptism service. Please pray for these young people to be active in their faith and to grow deep in their walk with Christ.

Taiwan / 19 August 2020

Thank God that summer outreach camps were held over the past few weeks in different parts of Taiwan. Since the team could not receive short-term workers from overseas, local Christians helped out at the camps, making for a great opportunity to partner more closely with Taiwanese Christians. Please pray that these partnerships can be continued.

Taiwan / 16 August 2020

OMF ministries in Taiwan have been able to resume as usual. The Shopworkers Church Camp ran a couple of weeks ago with many new people coming who are not Christians. Give thanks for the camp and pray that the new attendees will want to find out more about Christ.

Taiwan / 13 August 2020

Praise God that Taiwan has passed over 100 days with no locally transmitted COVID-19 cases, although there have been a few imported cases recently. Several OMF workers have been able to return to Taiwan after home assignment in recent months and have been given the all clear to start back in ministry. Also, most churches have resumed and schools plan to open as usual at the end of August, with appropriate precautions in place.

Taiwan / 22 May 2020

Pray that churches and Taiwanese Christians will be ready to share the hope and peace they have in Christ.

Taiwan / 19 May 2020

With all short-term teams to Taiwan cancelled for the summer, many special outreaches are also cancelled. OMF workers in Taiwan are wondering what they can do with limited help to reach out to local schools or communities during that time. Pray for wisdom and creativity for how to make the most of whatever opportunities arise.

Taiwan / 16 May 2020

Pray for OMF Taiwan workers to have all of the prayer, financial and practical support they need to continue in their ministry. Home assignment is usually a vital time to renew connections with supporters and to engage with new churches.

Taiwan / 13 May 2020

Pray for OMF Taiwan members who have had to cancel their planned home assignments, and for those who are “stuck” on home assignment and unable to return to Taiwan. May they “wait well” during this time of uncertainty. Pray particularly for those who had planned to return home to visit sick family members and are now unable to do so.

Taiwan / 27 February 2020

One result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Asia is that governments, such as those in Taiwan, have extended the Spring Festival holiday and added more weeks of school to the end of the school year. This change is causing some logistical challenges for short-term Serve Asia teams and long-term workers who are planning summer camps that usually start the week or two after the scheduled end of the school year. Pray for wisdom in how to handle these changes. Pray also that these kinds of camps could still be held in Taiwan and in other parts of East Asia this summer.

Taiwan / 18 February 2020

Like most of East Asia, the OMF Taiwan team is poised to see how the coronavirus will influence life in Taiwan and the ministry there. Currently, there only 10 cases in Taiwan and no real panic, but facemasks are selling out in the Taipei area.