United States / 08 December 2019

As the U.S. team continues working with American churches, praise God that several of the trainings are now being offered in Chinese. Pray for missions growth in each of the Chinese-speaking churches that have asked for OMF (U.S.)’s coaching and training. Pray for God to provide more consultants who are comfortable speaking in Chinese.

United States / 05 December 2019

Pray for all those who are hurting in the U.S. – emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Pray that they would know God as their comfort and their guide as they face life’s trials.

United States / 02 December 2019

Praise God for the seven people who recently went through OMF (U.S.) candidate course and are now appointees. Pray for them as they work toward raising their support. Most of them want to leave for their fields of service within a year.

United States / 29 November 2019

The OMF (U.S.) team is currently looking for new leaders in its Personnel and Training ministries. Pray that God will provide the right people for these positions in his perfect timing.

United States / 26 November 2019

As Thanksgiving in the U.S. approaches, there is much to be thankful for as the U.S. offers freedom to believers, allowing Christian organizations to flourish. Pray for the many Christian ministries in the U.S. to be faithful to the work God has called them to.

United States / 23 November 2019

Pray that our ministry partners would find joy and be blessed in supporting the work of OMF.

United States / 20 November 2019

Pray that God would continue to bring in gifts to The Task Unfinished Fund to enable OMF’s ministry to continue and to advance into new areas.

United States / 17 November 2019

Several members of the OMF (U.S.) Board of Trustees will rotate off the board in the next few years. Please pray for the Board of Trustees to identify the right people to ask to consider becoming part of the board.

United States / 14 November 2019

Pray that God would raise up a new generation of young Christians in the U.S. who are passionate about taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

United States / 13 November 2019

Please pray as the OMF U.S. communications team starts thinking through and planning 2020 content. Pray for creativity and alignment and for those working on the blog and social media to have daily wisdom in communicating well with our audience in a way that honors the Lord.