United States / 20 October 2019

Follow-up mentors are connecting with 60 people in the U.S. this fall and winter who have been on short-term trips. Pray for spirit-led discernment as they ask questions and give advice to continue growing the short-term alumni’s hearts toward Christ.

United States / 17 October 2019

Pray that Christians in the U.S., no matter their calling, would have boldness to speak up and, with wisdom and grace, share the gospel with the unbelievers God has placed in their lives.

United States / 14 October 2019

The OMF U.S. Board of Trustees has several board members rotating off the board in the next few years. Please pray for the Board of Trustees to identify the right people to ask to consider becoming part of the board.

United States / 11 October 2019

The OMF U.S. team offers training for those who want to be more intentional about mentoring others who go on short term trips. Pray for the training taking place October 11-14. Pray for motivation for attendees to use the training in their lives and churches.

United States / 05 October 2019

Pray for those who leading the United States, that God would give them wisdom and discernment as they make decisions. We can be thankful that God is sovereign over all rulers and authorities.

United States / 02 October 2019

Pray for the safety of those in the United States, as many who are hurting are taking out their anger on those around them in violent ways. Pray that the church would be proactive in reaching out to these people and in communicating God’s unconditional love to them.

United States / 29 September 2019

Pray for pastors and leaders of churches in the U.S, that they would preach God’s Word clearly and faithfully, that God would uphold them in righteousness, and that they would communicate his love for the world every week through the opportunities they have.

United States / 26 September 2019

Part of providing great care to our OMF U.S. team is having a good U.S. health insurance plan. Please pray for the new health insurance contract that is being finalized — pray for a plan that adequately provides what is needed without needing to increase the current cost.

United States / 23 September 2019

Praise God for all the people who are exploring long-term mission opportunities with OMF U.S.. Pray for the team of people who journey with these explorers to have wisdom, discernment, and discretion in the process. Pray also for more people to join this team as they are having a hard time finding the capacity to handle the many requests that continue to come in.

United States / 20 September 2019

Please pray for the OMF Communications Gathering held at the Denver office September 23-26. Pray for the preparations and planning, travel of those attending, and that it will be a beneficial and meaningful time for all.