United Kingdom & Ireland / 18 February 2020

We are thankful to God for the four UK families who are attending the OMF International Orientation Course for new workers in Singapore in February. Pray for a useful time of preparation before moving on to their countries of service.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 15 February 2020

Pray for the OMF events planned around the UK for the Spring: a day conference in partnership with local churches and other mission agencies in Leeds on January 25, in Belfast on February 22 and events in Edinburgh (February 29) and Glasgow (March 7). Ask that these events would be well attended and people would be encouraged and challenged about their involvement in world mission.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 12 February 2020

Give thanks for four missionary families from the UK due to be attending the February Orientation Course at International Center in Singapore. Praise God for providing all these candidates have needed so far. Pray for the preparations for travel, and especially for the children going out, for grace and strength in this time of transition.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 09 February 2020

Pray for candidates from the recent European Candidates Introduction Course as they begin partnership development, visiting churches, home groups and prayer groups. Pray for encouraging times of fellowship, trust in God’s provision and timing, and for people to be excited about opportunities to get involved in supporting these workers.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 06 February 2020

Praise God for a good European Candidates Introduction Course held at the OMF (UK) National Office in early December. Give thanks for the 6 candidates on the course and that it was a fruitful time of learning and fellowship which helped prepare them for sharing with churches about their planned ministry with OMF. Pray for the candidates to be able to put what they learned into practice.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 03 February 2020

Pray for the whole OMF (UK) National Office team after a busy year with a lot of changes within the team. Pray for good rest, refreshment and space to reflect on the good news of Jesus for each team member.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 31 January 2020

Praise God for the appointment of a new OMF (UK) finance officer, who begins her role in January. Pray for her as she prepares to join the team, that she will settle in quickly, enjoy her new role and be fruitful in it.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 28 January 2020

Pray for the OMF (UK) finance team who have had a very busy few months with a lot of transition and handover between team members. Pray for refreshment for the whole team and energy for the end-of-year processes to close the 2019 financial year.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 25 January 2020

Praise God for the encouragement of several new enquiries about short- and long-term service in East Asia in recent weeks. Pray for wisdom and discernment for our Area Representatives as they journey with these enquirers.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 22 January 2020

Give thanks for our team of Area Representatives around the UK and their faithful service over this last year. Pray for great times of rest and refreshment over Christmas.