United Kingdom & Ireland / 30 July 2019

The OMF UK Communications department is working on improving the website for first-time visitors. Pray for wisdom and creativity in this project.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 28 July 2019

Give thanks with the OMF UK Finance department for the resolution of an important administrative issue. This means that it is now possible for Direct Debits to be set up online, making things easier for supporters and streamlining processes for our small Finance team.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 25 July 2019

Pray for OMF UK members who are coming to the end of their time of home assignment, but are having to wait before returning to Asia or transferring to a different ministry. Pray for those who need medical tests, to have these come through; for those awaiting visas to have favor with the authorities; and for those needing to raise more financial support before they can go overseas or transfer to another ministry to see God’s provision of the needed funds.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 21 July 2019

Praise God for the successful recruitment process of a new Serve Asia Coordinator who will take up the role in September. Pray for the successful applicant as he prepares to join the team.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 19 July 2019

Give thanks for the OMF UK Bridge Asia volunteers who mentor Serve Asia workers preparing to go out. Pray for mentors as they help workers in the final stages of preparing to serve.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 17 July 2019

OMF UK’s Serve Asia department is developing a new way of processing applications and developing placements for workers. Pray for the team to get used to this new system quickly and to have clarity in communicating with applicants and other Serve Asia coordinators around OMF.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 15 July 2019

The OMF UK office hosts the European Candidates Introduction Course (ECIC) July 15-19 to help candidates get to know OMF as they prepare to join and to equip them as they visit churches raising support. Pray for attendees to find the course useful and fruitful. Pray for those leading the sessions as they refresh and deliver their material, that it would be effective.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 12 July 2019

The Rekonnect camps for Third Culture Kids (TCKs) each summer help missionaries’ children returning to the UK adjust with help from others who have lived overseas. Give thanks that the kids’ week is well filled and pray for it to be a helpful and fruitful time. The teens’ week is currently undersubscribed and needs more attendees to be viable to run. Please pray for more teens to sign up for this opportunity.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 8 July 2019

The OMF UK office will host a Home Assignment Workshop (HAW) July 8-12 to help workers make the most of their home assignment. Pray for those attending, that they will find the week helpful and fruitful and have good times of fellowship with one another. Pray, too, for those running the equipping sessions to be able to tailor these well to the group attending this course.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 7 July 2019

There are a number of new book projects currently being worked on. Please pray for this development stage: for wisdom, clarity, and creativity and for good communication with the publishers. Pray that these books would be used by God for his Kingdom purposes.