United Kingdom & Ireland / 20 October 2020

Pray for wisdom and guidance for OMF (UK) Third Culture Kids Advisor Janet Chapman as she connects with families serving with OMF who are back in the UK at the moment. Ask the Lord to help Janet help families through this challenging time by relying on his strength.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 17 October 2020

Pray for wisdom in considering several options to reduce the environmental impact of the OMF (UK) office with energy-saving technologies.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 14 October 2020

Give thanks for progress in a number of long-running IT projects and new systems which will provide greater flexibility for home and office working. Please pray for the smooth implementation of these systems.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 11 October 2020

Pray for wisdom for planning the European Candidates Introduction Course, due to be hosted by OMF (UK) in December, as decisions are made about how this course can be best delivered.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 08 October 2020

Pray for those applying to join OMF as they raise financial and prayer support. Give thanks for how these candidates can testify to God’s grace and provision already. Pray for them to continue to trust God’s perfect timing.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 05 October 2020

Pray for families serving with OMF (UK) with children transitioning back to school or starting school, that children will be protected and have a positive start to learning and friendships this schoolyear.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 02 October 2020

Pray for the OMF (UK) finance team at a busy time preparing the budgets for 2021 while also keeping up with day-to-day processes.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 29 September 2020

Pray for the OMF (UK)’s new Communications intern starting in early October, that he will settle in well and quickly feel part of the team.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 26 September 2020

OMF (UK)’s new children’s book A Taste of Asia comes out in October. Please pray that it will inspire families to see how God is at work around East Asia and how they can get involved. Pray for a new generation of children to be inspired for a lifetime of being involved in God’s global mission through this book.

United Kingdom & Ireland / 23 September 2020

Pray for the OMF (UK) communications team as they finish off a number of new projects in the next month or so. Pray they will be effective and used widely.