Singapore / 22 July 2021

Pray for the OMF Singapore National Office as it continues to innovate with new ministries such as diaspora, inspiring the next generation, mobilizing marketplace professionals for these complex times, and makes progress in the digital transformation for missions.

Singapore / 19 July 2021

Pray for the OMF Singapore team to manage their energy and health well – whether spiritual, physical, mental or emotional – so that they will have the capacity to show care and concern for others.

Singapore / 16 July 2021

With vaccinations increasing in Singapore, pray that authorities there will have wisdom in making decisions about the further opening of the borders and economy.

Singapore / 03 December 2018

God, please give the OMF Singapore mobilization team physical and spiritual health and wisdom as they review 2019 strategies and plans.

Singapore / 02 December 2018

Many workers sent from Singapore are seeking God’s will for their next direction while they serve in the field or on home assignment. Lord, please reveal yourself to them as they seek you.

Singapore / 01 December 2018

Thank you Lord for faithful and committed prayer intercessors in Singapore who have a burden to pray for the unreached people groups. Please lead more people to join in this ministry.

Singapore / 30 November 2018

God, please raise up more candidates in Singapore who sense your leading to serve in Myanmar and Vietnam.

Singapore / 08 October 2018

Lord, thank you for your church in Singapore. Please use your people in Singapore to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many people to East Asians to share the good news about Jesus.