New Zealand / 25 July 2021

Please pray for OMF New Zealand’s missionary candidates, that God will prepare them spiritually, emotionally and financially for the ministry he has for them. Pray that the OMF New Zealand team would develop strong connections with them.

New Zealand / 22 July 2021

Pray that God would prepare Johan Linder’s heart for the new role as National Director of OMF New Zealand , and that the break he has in between his previous role and the new ND role would be a time of refreshment. Pray also that God would prepare the hearts of the OMF New Zealand team to welcome him well.

New Zealand / 19 July 2021

Pray for increased collaboration within the OMF New Zealand team, and that the team’s communication would be respectful, open-minded and full of grace as they continue to learn how to work together.

New Zealand / 16 July 2021

Please pray for the follow up from a pastor’s breakfast in New Zealand on July 15, at which one of our members, Tania English, spoke. Pray that the pastors would be responsive to what they heard and inspired to have their churches be more involved with what God is doing amongst East Asians.

New Zealand / 22 June 2021

Pray for the Hwangs, a family being sent by OMF New Zealand to Cambodia on June 25, for safe travel and settling in well. Pray for God to give wisdom to the OMF Cambodia team as they welcome them during this challenging time.

New Zealand / 08 June 2021

The OMF New Zealand team will hold a staff hui ( New Zealand term for a gathering or meeting) on June 11; please pray that the time will be fruitful. Pray that team members would hear one another well and be guided by the Holy Spirit in every decision.

New Zealand / 21 May 2021

OMF New Zealand has quite a few members coming back to New Zealand on Home Assignment in the next few months. Pray that they would be able to prepare well for their return, connect well with their supporters when they are home, and above all, be rejuvenated and refreshed by their time here.

New Zealand / 18 May 2021

Thank God for OMF New Zealand’s faithful retirees who consistently lift up our members and generously give their time to help with events and mail outs, as well as giving financially. OMF NZ owes so much to them and their prayers for its spiritual growth and protection. Pray against loneliness and isolation amongst retirees, that they would be connected, supported and filled with purpose.

New Zealand / 15 May 2021

Pray for those who are new to their faith, that their confidence would come from God as they trust in him, and that their roots would go down deep into the Word.

New Zealand / 12 May 2021

Join the OMF New Zealand team in praying for new enquirers to have divine guidance and clarity as they explore their callings. Thank God for the retreats for appointees that are planned in the next months in both Auckland and Christchurch.