New Zealand / 29 January 2022

The Nicholas family (OMF NZ appointees), have had to pivot their plans for this year, moving to a small town in the South Island instead of the Philippines as planned. Pray for them to continue growing in their knowledge of Filipino language and culture, and that they would be blessing to the Filipino church where they are moving to.

New Zealand / 25 January 2022

Pray for the OMF New Zealand office team to get used to a new dynamic as Johan joins the team (remotely at this stage) and Simon leaves. Pray also for good communication over zoom with Johan – give him grace!

New Zealand / 21 January 2022

Thank God for providing a house for the new OMF New Zealand National Director Johan Linder and his wife Debbie. Please continue to pray for them to be able to get to NZ, and God’s timing in organising flights, MIQ (COVID isolation) and all the other details.

New Zealand / 09 August 2021

OMF New Zealand will have its final Prayer Gathering for the year in October. Please pray for the preparations leading up to the gathering and that we would seek God as a team for how best to plan this.

New Zealand / 06 August 2021

Thank God for the opportunity for OMF New Zealand to create a mini-series of Film Festivals in collaboration with two other mission agencies. This project has been a blessing first because it is a powerful thing to collaborate with other missions agencies, and second because the Film Festivals are full of wonderful content. Pray that God will use the films to stir the hearts of the people who watch them.

New Zealand / 03 August 2021

Quite a few OMF members are back in New Zealand on home assignment at the moment. Pray that they would be able to rest well while at home, participate in mobilisation while there, and connect with their supporters.

New Zealand / 31 July 2021

Please pray for a See Asia Virtual Reality Discipleship Experience coming up on August 18 and 25 at Mt. Roskill Baptist Church in New Zealand. Pray that the hearts of the people who come would be stirred by what they learn about Taiwan and that their actions would follow suit.

New Zealand / 28 July 2021

Join the OMF New Zealand team in thanking God for the faithful prayer group leaders who pray for our members on a regular basis. May they be blessed, refreshed and encouraged as they wait upon the Lord and gather together.

New Zealand / 25 July 2021

Please pray for OMF New Zealand’s missionary candidates, that God will prepare them spiritually, emotionally and financially for the ministry he has for them. Pray that the OMF New Zealand team would develop strong connections with them.

New Zealand / 22 July 2021

Pray that God would prepare Johan Linder’s heart for the new role as National Director of OMF New Zealand , and that the break he has in between his previous role and the new ND role would be a time of refreshment. Pray also that God would prepare the hearts of the OMF New Zealand team to welcome him well.