New Zealand / 20 September 2019

On September 27, the OMF New Zealand homeside team will meet for staff training, team building and performance reviews. Pray that the day would go well and we would grow as a team.

New Zealand / 17 September 2019

In the absence of a National Director for OMF New Zealand, the role has been split between six people (most in a volunteer capacity), each with a different area to oversee. Pray that this model would work, and that the six acting-NDs would communicate well and cover the various needs effectively.

New Zealand / 14 September 2019

Lift up the search for a new OMF New Zealand National Director. Pray that the search committee would have wisdom and discernment as they discuss the role with applicants. Pray for God’s perfect timing in the filling of this role.

New Zealand / 04 December 2018

Lord, please continue to speak, stir and challenge the New Zealand church to become actively involved in global mission.

New Zealand / 03 December 2018

Many people who used to serve in Asia with OMF are now retired in New Zealand and stay active in their ministries of prayer and encouraging current missionaries. God, we ask you to work powerfully through these retirees as they mobilize new workers, serve in their local church, and pray for East Asia’s peoples.

New Zealand / 02 December 2018

God, we praise for each person OMF New Zealand is helping to send to Asia to serve short term or long term. We ask you to provide more short term workers, long term workers and volunteers.

New Zealand / 01 December 2018

Lord, thank you for everything you provide for OMF New Zealand’s ministry. Please grow new opportunities for ministry through an increase in financial giving and through more volunteers getting involved.

New Zealand / 30 November 2018

God, thank you for church and mission leaders in New Zealand. Please help the OMF New Zealand team to develop growing relationships with these leaders. Please give churches and missions opportunities to partner and work together.

New Zealand / 08 October 2018

Lord, thank you for your church in New Zealand. Please use your people in New Zealand to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many people to East Asians to share the good news about Jesus.