Indonesia / 08 July 2021

Indonesia is facing a huge surge in COVID cases and hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen. To date more than 60,000 people have died, including a high number of frontline medical workers. Pray for God’s mercy on this country of more than 270 million people. Lift up all the doctors and nurses as they face this situation and need to make difficult decisions about who to treat. 

Indonesia / 22 January 2021

Tragically, in early January a passenger plane crashed into the sea just a few minutes after take-off from Jakarta. Please pray for the families of those who lost their loved ones in the crash, including some children. Pray too for the investigations into the crash to lead to safety reviews and improved standards for low-cost airlines.

Indonesia / 21 January 2021

Indonesia is often subject to natural disasters due to its location, but this month has seen a whole series of challenging events across the archipelago, from earthquakes on the island of Sulawesi, to flooding that has displaced 20,000 people on the island of Kalimantan, and a volcanic eruption on the island of Java. Please pray for disaster response teams working in rescue and relief. Pray too for believers in the communities affected to be a blessing in the way they respond.

Indonesia / 20 January 2021

This month (January 2021) Indonesia started its covid-19 vaccination program, a challenging task for the world’s 4th most populous nation. The first priority groups are front-line health workers and the economically active. The vaccination will be provided free of charge. Please pray for smooth and rapid roll-out of the vaccine, as well as more supplies. Pray that the vaccines at the core of the program would prove to be effective.

Indonesia / 19 January 2021

Indonesia has seen a relatively slow rise in COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, helped by several rounds of semi-lockdown. The steady rise however means that this month there have sometimes been upwards of 10,000 new daily cases, several thousand of which are in the capital, Jakarta. Over 250 doctors have died so far from covid-19 related illness. In some areas hospitals are struggling to cope and some patients are not able to get treatment. Please pray for all those working very hard to save as many lives as they can with limited equipment and facilities.

Indonesia / 04 March 2020

COVID-19 is a solemn warning, reminding many of the brevity and uncertainty of life. Pray that many in Indonesia would be drawn back to the Bible for answers and assurance. Pray also for faithful, bold, and biblically-sound proclamation of the gospel from pastors and all Christians at such a time as this.

Indonesia / 01 March 2020

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Indonesia is being hit hard by the impact on the tourism industry. As in many countries, Chinese tourists make up a large number, but tourists from other countries have also declined. Pray for the virus to be stopped and for those experiencing financial difficulty to reach out to God as their only firm foundation for eternal security.

Indonesia / 27 February 2020

Thank the Lord that to date there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia (although four Indonesians overseas are reported to be infected).

Indonesia / 20 November 2019

Pray for the Indonesian government’s new cabinet that has just been established to support the President and the Vice President in their new term governing and leading the nation. Pray that they may serve with integrity and discipline, upholding justice and order for peace and the good of the people.

Indonesia / 17 November 2019

From November 19-23, the newly formed OMF Indonesia Field Council will meet for the second time while a new field leader is in the process to be appointed. Pray for fruitful meetings and unity as the council reviews, plans and carries out the work.