Indonesia / 17 August 2019

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to meet with the family of a man in prison in Southeast Asia. Another person in the prison is interested in the gospel and is reading the Bible. Pray for all of these to come to faith in Christ.

Indonesia / 14 August 2019

A man in Southeast Asia recently came to faith in Jesus while searching for the truth. Soon after, he was put in contact with a Christian family. He now lives in a city where he can be more open about his new faith. Pray for this man, who is hoping to bring his wife to faith and find for a job to provide for his family.

Indonesia / 11 August 2019

A family with two children has recently returned to Southeast Asia after more than a year away for physical and emotional restoration. Join them in prayer as they are now looking for a place to live and to resume their work. They are grateful for admission to school for their children and a temporary place to stay while looking for longer-term accommodations.

Indonesia / 08 August 2019

In addition to the recent tumultuous election season, Indonesia also has experienced earthquakes of varying intensity recently. In the midst of uncertain times, pray for the Church in Indonesia to faithfully proclaim the gospel message of God’s love and the firm hope we can have in Him.

Indonesia / 17 July 2019

Another student has joined an organic farm team in Southeast Asia. This will be the first time she would be working in a cross cultural situation. Pray for humility and a teachable heart, that through learning she can be a blessing to the community she is serving.

Indonesia / 14 July 2019

A local worker in Southeast Asia has just completed a one-year internship on an organic farm, where, through working with the local people, mentoring, and teamwork, she experienced personal transformation. She is now finishing her studies and hopefully will return to the field in a few months. Pray for her extended family, some of whom still practice magic.

Indonesia / 11 July 2019

Praise the Lord that the Constitutional Court decision on the election dispute in Indonesia was accepted by most people. Pray for guidance and wisdom as the incumbent president forms a new government. Pray also as the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) elects new leaders.

Indonesia / 29 June 2019

There are several ministry opportunities in Southeast Asia that are available, but there are not enough workers to send. Ask God to raise up workers for these new opportunities to live and proclaim the gospel.

Indonesia / 26 June 2019

After many years of waiting and preparation, two Indonesian Christian women are now in two different countries doing language and culture training; one of them is studying the language in a university. Pray for patience, humility and perseverance in adjusting to different cultures and learning new languages.

Indonesia / 23 June 2019

A couple with several children has recently joined ministry work in Southeast Asia. Praise the Lord for a good start in the work and for a smooth adjustment for parents and children to a new culture and new schools. Pray for continued adequate support. Also pray for their presence to bring blessings to the community they serve.