Indonesia / 04 March 2020

COVID-19 is a solemn warning, reminding many of the brevity and uncertainty of life. Pray that many in Indonesia would be drawn back to the Bible for answers and assurance. Pray also for faithful, bold, and biblically-sound proclamation of the gospel from pastors and all Christians at such a time as this.

Indonesia / 01 March 2020

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Indonesia is being hit hard by the impact on the tourism industry. As in many countries, Chinese tourists make up a large number, but tourists from other countries have also declined. Pray for the virus to be stopped and for those experiencing financial difficulty to reach out to God as their only firm foundation for eternal security.

Indonesia / 27 February 2020

Thank the Lord that to date there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia (although four Indonesians overseas are reported to be infected).

Indonesia / 20 November 2019

Pray for the Indonesian government’s new cabinet that has just been established to support the President and the Vice President in their new term governing and leading the nation. Pray that they may serve with integrity and discipline, upholding justice and order for peace and the good of the people.

Indonesia / 17 November 2019

From November 19-23, the newly formed OMF Indonesia Field Council will meet for the second time while a new field leader is in the process to be appointed. Pray for fruitful meetings and unity as the council reviews, plans and carries out the work.

Indonesia / 14 November 2019

Pray for three workers working on rice farms in Southeast Asia. They are in frequent contact with people who are poor, undernourished, and unemployed. Some of these in need are joining the farm work, while others are being taught how to start a small business. Some of the mothers are being taught about hygiene and nourishment. Pray for these relationships to flourish and have an eternal impact.

Indonesia / 12 November 2019

Due to family reasons, a worker in Southeast Asia is no longer able to serve among diaspora returnees in the country where they were based. Pray for God to raise up more diaspora returnee workers as there are many returnees struggling in their new faith upon returning to their homes.

Indonesia / 23 September 2019

Lift up OMF Indonesia member Ani, who has just recovered from a cancer operation and radiation. Next week, she will attend a ministry consultation in Singapore, followed by another consultation in Malaysia. Pray for strength and energy to attend these events.

Indonesia / 20 September 2019

Joanne returned to Indonesia from overseas with a new faith in the Lord, but it has not been easy for her since her husband, children, parents and friends are of a different faith. Pray for Christy, who is helping her adjust and fit in to the world she has returned to with a different faith. There are several others like Joanne to whom Christy is ministering.

Indonesia / 17 September 2019

Pray for an Indonesia Christian woman who recently offered shelter from the rain to another woman who is poor, deaf, has seven children and is now the sole income earner for the family since her husband was injured in a fall. She plants rice and gathers edible wild leaves for a living. Pray for the Christian woman to continue to show and share the love of God with her.