Germany / 10 August 2020

Thank God that the North Korea Prayer Book is available in German. It is a good addition to the monthly prayer emails. Pray that many will read it and pray for North Korea.

Germany / 07 August 2020

Join OMF Germany worker Christiane in asking God for more prayer partners. After graduating from Bible school, she wants to talk to friends and church members about participating in this kind of ministry. Pray that some will discover the value of prayer support.

Germany / 04 August 2020

Pray for God to raise up volunteer mentors to support OMF Germany’s Serve Asia workers before, during and after their time in Asia. Because of COVID-19, some workers were not able to leave or had to return earlier than expected. Pray for God to use volunteers to encourage these who did not go or had to return early.

Germany / 01 August 2020

From August 21-23, OMF workers who have recently returned to Germany from East Asia will meet for a time of orientation. Please pray for input, inspiration and fellowship during these days.

Germany / 29 July 2020

Matthias and Jasmin, OMF candidates from Germany, will preach at a church on August 16 and give an update on their journey to Cambodia. Pray for God to bless this time, establish new relationships and provide new prayer partners.

Germany / 27 July 2020

The pastoral ministry of OMF Germany candidates Matthias and Jasmin ends on July 31. Pray for the completion of their ministry, the new start at OMF and that their financial support will be completely provided so that they can start working in East Asia.

Germany / 24 July 2020

On July 25, OMF Germany’s North West Volunteer Team meets in Lemgo. Please pray for God to raise up more volunteers in northern Germany.

Germany / 13 May 2020

On April 25, OMF, together with SMD (IFES), conducted three online workshops about “Urban Asians”. Participants learned how to effectively share the gospel with Asians in Germany, many of whom come from mega cities. Pray that the messages will be put into practice.

Germany / 10 May 2020

As a coach, OMF Germany’s Matthias Holighaus regularly mentors OMF workers around the world. Pray for sensitivity and the ability to listen well. Pray also that the missionaries he meets with will implement helpful new insights in their daily lives.

Germany / 07 May 2020

Since the beginning of the year, Wolfgang Langhans has been the OMF representative for Northern Germany. He took over various duties from Hans-Hermann Heldberg, as his relocation to Southern Germany is imminent. Pray for God’s blessing and guidance on Wolfgang and Hans-Hermann during this time of transition.