Germany / 01 March 2021

In addition to his role as Communications manager of OMF Germany, Joachim Koenig coaches a number of sending churches. In this way, he links the congregation, the missionary and OMF together. Pray that his work will strengthen trust so that world mission remains everyone’s concern.

Germany / 26 February 2021

OMF Germany hopes that regular short-term placements can take place again from summer 2021 onwards. Please pray for patience for any short-termers whose departure date has been postponed. Pray for them to find new ways to serve Asians wherever they are.

Germany / 23 February 2021

OMF Germany thanks God for three doctors who volunteer their time to care for applicants, candidates and missionaries on home assignment. Please pray for wisdom for each situation and sufficient time to handle even short-term concerns.

Germany / 20 February 2021

Thank God for the many volunteers in the “House and Yard” unit at the OMF Germany headquarters in Mücke,. They help in areas ranging from IT to tiling to mowing the lawn. Please pray for safety in all situations. When everything in the house is working, it saves a lot of time and frustration.

Germany / 17 February 2021

In February, Chinese churches in Northern Germany are organizing online seminars (via Zoom) for the people who work with teen and youth groups. Ask God to give those who attend a new passion for working with young people.

Germany / 06 February 2021

OMF Germany thanks God for churches that send and support missionaries. Please pray for strong relationships and good communication between churches and their missionaries so that the cause of mission grows, even among the younger generation.

Germany / 03 February 2021

The Austrian Women’s Missionary Prayer Federation has invited an OMF Germany missionary on Home Assignment to give mission talks in various cities in January. It is uncertain if this can happen in the current COVID-19 situation, but if it does, pray for energy, protection and joy for this worker.

Germany / 31 January 2021

A large youth mission conference in Germany called JuMiKo, which normally attracts up to 5,000 participants, took place virtually this year. OMF Germanyhad many good conversations at the “virtual booth” with those who attended. Pray for a good follow-up with those interested in world mission.

Germany / 28 January 2021

In January, one of OMF Germany’s Diaspora Ministries workers will be the official translator for several Japanese winter athletes. Pray for good opportunities for in-depth one-on-one conversations with athletes and team coaches despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Germany / 25 January 2021

In January Sandra starts her new role as Prayer Coordinator at OMF Germany. Please pray that God will enlighten her heart to recognize more and more the task God wants to fulfil through her.