Germany / 04 November 2021

Please pray for Germany’s future government. After the elections, the parties will meet for exploratory talks on who can form a government with whom. The goal is to have a new government in office by Christmas. It will not be easy to agree on common goals as the parties have different priorities. May God call women and men who are wise like Daniel or Joseph in their responsibilities and listen to Him. May they come to good agreements that are fair and bring good change to the multi-faceted needs of our nation.

Germany / 01 November 2021

Thank God for a virtual prayer meeting for Vietnam that took place from October 4-8. People from different counties, young and old, Germans and ethnic Vietnamese, participated and it was very encouraging. May God give spiritual breakthrough in Vietnam and among Vietnamese. May God give more joy and passion for prayer in Germany.

Germany / 29 October 2021

Thank God for new applicants and candidates from OMF Germany . We are grateful for those who are interested in Serve Asia ministry. We were able to send two young women to work at a boarding home in Thailand. Please pray that they will settle in well, build good relationships within the dorms and at the school.

Germany / 26 October 2021

OMF Germany still has some colleagues waiting for their visas for their host countries. The wait is getting harder and harder. Please pray for them: a single woman going to Japan, a couple (with children) to Taiwan, and several others to Southeast Asia. Please pray that they will experience God’s special blessing during this time of (long) waiting and that they will grow in their relationship with Him and that He may give them special assignments back home.

Germany / 23 October 2021

Thank God that, after many obstacles and uncertainties, two OMF Germany workers were finally able to enter Thailand for their first term. Please pray for a good adjustment to the culture, language, climate and new home after the quarantine.

Germany / 20 October 2021

OMF Germany has some colleagues who are challenged with major health issues, including tumours, depression, and immune system problems. Please pray for those affected – ask for healing and restoration of body, soul and mind.

Germany / 17 October 2021

On October 29-30 OMF Germany will have its annual gathering for members and volunteers in Mücke, IC. Since they couldn’t meet last year, it is hoped that the fellowship will be a great encouragement for all. Give thanks for the opportunity to meet in person this year. Please bless and pray for protection for all participants.

Germany / 14 October 2021

This autumn, OMF Germany is offering virtual gatherings such as talks, testimonies, meet-a-missionary and a prayer meeting. Please pray that many people would join these virtual events and that there will be no technical problems for speakers and guests.

Germany / 11 October 2021

Thank God for approximately 30 churches that are going to have an OMF/ Mission Sunday during OMF Germany’s Autumn Mission Event (Oct 10-Nov 14). Some of the churches are quite new in engaging in world mission and getting to know OMF. Please pray for the following regarding these events:

  • God’s protection over these events, that they are able to be held as planned.
  • For the coronavirus situation to remain steady or, even better, to improve
  • That there will be enough staff and volunteers for the 30 teams.
  • Pray for the core team which organizes and prepares material for the program.
  • Pray for Michael who is connecting teams with participating churches.
  • Pray for a renewal of God’s heart for mission in Germany and our churches.

Germany / 27 July 2021

Thank God for the great solidarity shown through practical and financial help in Germany. We are grateful for what has already been released. Pray for this united effort to continue.