Germany / 29 June 2019

At the end of April, OMF Germany had an information booth at the Upgrade Congress of the Gnadauer Verband. Conversations were had with Bible school students, pastors and members of churches. Pray that the distributed brochures and information will be read so that awareness for East Asia will increase.

Germany / 26 June 2019

Eight German candidates are preparing to leave for East Asia next year. Pray for their preparations and the establishment of a support base. Every person needs prayer partners and financial resources.

Germany / 23 June 2019

Please pray that God will call short and long term missionaries and professionals from Germany, but also prayer supporters, so that East Asians can hear and accept the Good News of Jesus.

Germany / 20 June 2019

OMF Germany members Sabine & Hans Walter Ritter would like to start a meeting in Karlsruhe with young people who have world mission on their hearts. Pray for mutual encouragement to serve Jesus.

Germany / 17 June 2019

From June 17-21, OMF Germany workers Sabine Kaiser and Pia Möbus will both take part in a conference in Singapore, as HR managers and candidate coordinators come together for discussion and training. Please pray for inspiration and guidance for their work.

Germany / 14 June 2019

During the week of June 17, some OMF Germany staff and volunteers take part in an OMF mobilization training course. Pray for new ideas on how more interest in world mission can be sparked in Germany.

Germany / 11 June 2019

From the June 13-16 there will be a weekend for short-term missionaries. Some new Serve Asia Workers will be prepared for their assignments. Those who have just returned to Germany from Asia will undergo a debriefing. Pray for a fruitful, rewarding time for all participants.

Germany / 08 June 2019

On June 9, the Japanese congregation in Mannheim, Germany is holding an evangelistic open-air Pentecost service. Pray that many Japanese who do not yet know Jesus will come, hear the gospel, and trust in Jesus.

Germany / 05 June 2019

During Pentecost (June 9), IFES students join for a world missions conference at the Flensunger Hof in Mücke in Germany. Marco Czygan and his family will take part. Ask that God will speak personally to each of the participants.

Germany / 02 June 2019

On June 5, the OMF Germany mobilization team will meet in Marburg. Pray for good planning on how to help churches and individual Christians be involved in God’s worldwide mission.