Germany / 29 September 2020

The OMF Germany website is being revised. A lot of work has to be done in the background: getting to know a completely new system, revising or rewriting existing articles, moving content to the new platform etc. Pray for a team to do these tasks well.

Germany / 26 September 2020

Preparations for Christival 2022 (scheduled for May 2022), a national event of up to 10.000 young people in Germany are already underway. A working group is working on how world mission can be incorporated into the event. Pray for creative ideas.

Germany / 23 September 2020

OMF Germany’s National Director, Armin Messer, has been invited to a number of churches for preaching services in September and October. Pray that Christians will be inspired anew for God’s concerns in world mission and His work in Southeast Asia.

Germany / 20 September 2020

On September 26, an OMF Germany Volunteer Team will meet in Karlsruhe. The time will include a report from missionaries on home assignment, short-term workers introductions, there and prayer. Please pray for the team and its ministry in mobilizing and supporting OMF workers from Germany.

Germany / 17 September 2020

On September 19-20, OMF Germany will host an information weekend for people considering missionary service. Please pray for each one to get to know OMF well. May God to speak to each participant personally.

Germany / 16 August 2020

Pray for OMF Germany as its magazine East Asia Millions is redesigned beginning in 2021, with more space for longer articles, detailed prayer requests and a more attractive design.

Germany / 13 August 2020

A couple of OMF Germany volunteers help maintain the Mücke mission home. Thank God for each of them and ask for protection in all their work.

Germany / 10 August 2020

Thank God that the North Korea Prayer Book is available in German. It is a good addition to the monthly prayer emails. Pray that many will read it and pray for North Korea.

Germany / 07 August 2020

Join OMF Germany worker Christiane in asking God for more prayer partners. After graduating from Bible school, she wants to talk to friends and church members about participating in this kind of ministry. Pray that some will discover the value of prayer support.

Germany / 04 August 2020

Pray for God to raise up volunteer mentors to support OMF Germany’s Serve Asia workers before, during and after their time in Asia. Because of COVID-19, some workers were not able to leave or had to return earlier than expected. Pray for God to use volunteers to encourage these who did not go or had to return early.