Germany / 26 October 2019

“Chosen to Send: Church with a Global Horizon” is the theme of the annual mission fest this weekend in Germany. Pray that the delegates who attend will be encouraged and equipped through the talks, workshops and meetings, so that their commitment will advance the kingdom of God worldwide.

Germany / 22 October 2019

This weekend, OMF Germany staff and volunteers will meet for an annual training conference with fellowship, learning and discussion. Pray for a fruitful, encouraging time together.

Germany / 20 October 2019

On Sunday, Markus Neitzel will speak at a YMCA event in Germany about his work among Japanese athletes. Pray that the listeners will look for opportunities to serve foreign athletes also.

Germany / 18 October 2019

Tomorrow, Armin Messer will teach on missions at the Siloah Bible School in Germany. May the Lord use this time to touchstudents’ hearts and awaken their interest for his work in East Asia.

Germany / 14 October 2019

A new semester begins for college students in Germany today. This time is important in establishing initial contact with international students. Please pray for OMF Germany diaspora workers as they meet new students, that God might use these relationships to provide a warm, hospitable welcome and introduce many to Jesus.

Germany / 10 October 2019

At the beginning of the semester, a student recently baptized in Japan will arrive in Marburg, Germany. Pray that this student’s arrival might be an opportunity to revive the Japanese Bible study group there.

Germany / 22 September 2019

We are grateful for almost 100 churches in Germany that have sent out OMF missionaries. Pray that the relationship between churches, OMF and missionaries will remain strong, true and fruitful.

Germany / 18 September 2019

Praise God for the interest in OMF Germany’s new YouTube channel “OMFire.” The videos are intended to motivate young people to find their place in missions. Pray that the channel will be able to realize the many ideas and purposes that OMF Germany has for it.

Germany / 14 September 2019

Thank God for new church partnerships in South Germany. A few newer churches are starting to think more about sending workers. Pray for God’s direction as they think strategically about how and where to send and for God to work in people’s hearts, raising up the new workers to be sent.

Germany / 10 September 2019

This coming weekend, OMF Germany will run an informational weekend for people interested in missions. Pray that God will speak to the participants and use the team (Marco Czygan, Tobi Krick, Dorothea Guglielmetti and Pia Möbus) for His glory.