Switzerland / 11 September 2020

Pray for protection of COVID-19 as the numbers of infected people in Switzerland have increased during the past few weeks.

Switzerland / 08 September 2020

Pray for OMF Switzerland members who are on home assignment and want to go back to Asia. May God open borders and doors for them to resume their ministry in their country of calling.

Switzerland / 05 September 2020

Pray for more people interested in serving in missions long-term from Switzerland. May God call many to serve him in East Asia.

Switzerland / 02 September 2020

On September 12, OMF Switzerland will have its Home Council meeting. Pray for them as they make decisions related to three potential missionary candidates.

Switzerland / 29 August 2020

On August 30 in Rämismühle and on September 19 in Thun OMF Switzerland will host a mission conference. Hans & Beatrice Bär will share about their experiences in North Thailand. Pray for protection from COVID-19, for participants to have open hearts to the Lord and for God’s blessings on all during this time.

Switzerland / 26 August 2020

On August 23, three Mongolian women who are part of a local Mongolian fellowship in Geneva, Switzerland were baptized. Pray that they will be protected from the evil one and grow in their faith.

Switzerland / 16 March 2020

Praise God for providing the needed financial support in 2019. Thank the Lord for the many faithful friends of OMF Switzerland, as well as for many volunteer helpers.

Switzerland / 13 March 2020

Two OMF Switzerland workers are preparing for to leave for Asia this summer. Pray for a good solution in transporting some special medicine which is not available in Asia for one of them. Pray also for one of their fathers who was recently diagnosed with a severe illness.

Switzerland / 10 March 2020

Pray for the boarding Homes “Benaja” and “Mountain View” in Chiang Mai that are led by Swiss couples Matthias & Barbara and Andreas & Ruth. Pray for new boarding home assistants for August 2020, as Josua and Pascal will finish their ministry at the end of the school year ending in June.

Switzerland / 07 March 2020

Starting in March, OMF Switzerland Natanja will join the office team there. Pray for a good start. Natanja and her husband, as well as another couple and one single lady, are in the application process with OMF.