Switzerland / 16 September 2019

Pray for the OMF office team in Ulster, Switzerland which is going through a variety of changes. We praise the Lord for new part-time workers: Sharon (Public Relations/Mobilization), Salome (Serve Asia Coordinator), Ellen (apprenticeship as commercial clerk) and Rahel (internship). Please pray for good a settling in for these new workers, as well for the “old” team members Markus & Gertrud (National Director & Member Care), Christoph (Finance Manager), Franzisca and Ermanno (Mobilization/Mission Mentors), Susi (Prayer Coordinator), Heinz (Editior of “East Asia Millions”) and Karina (networking among Asian migrants).

Switzerland / 13 September 2019

Thank God that the Meister family with OMF Switzerland had a productive, encouraging time in Thailand, where they visited leaders of AIDS CARE Projects in various destinations. Lanette and Lydia returned to Switzerland while Christoph will attend the OMF Finance Managers’ Consultation in Singapore.

Switzerland / 10 September 2019

Pray for healing for Christa (former OMF Switzerland diaspora worker among Thai), who recently broke her right wrist. May God give her patience and let her be a blessing to many during her time of recovery.

Switzerland / 07 September 2019

Please pray for the boarding homes known as “Benaja” and “Mountain View” in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which are led by Swiss couples Matthias and Barbara and Andreas and Ruth. We are grateful that God provided two Boarding Home Assistants, Josua from Switzerland and Pascal from Germany, who started work in August.

Switzerland / 04 September 2019

Continue to ask God to raise up new workers from Switzerland to join OMF.

Switzerland / 01 September 2019

Please lift up a weekend for Thai diaspora and their families at Beatenberg, Switerland on September 14-15. May God use the weekend to draw people closer to him.

Switzerland / 29 August 2019

Pray for God’s guidance and blessing at the OMF Switzerland Home Council meeting in Ulster on September 7.

Switzerland / 26 August 2019

Pray for OMF Switzerland worker Claudia who will fly back to Cambodia on September 2 after completing her home assignment. Pray for smooth travel and for a good start to her second term of service in Cambodia.

Switzerland / 23 August 2019

Please pray for an OMF Conference from August 31-September 1 at Rämismühle, Switzerland with Andrew Goodman and Asholi, Puii and Penpen Akamu. About 120 people have registered. Pray for good preparation and for good response during the conference.

Switzerland / 20 August 2019

From August 2 to September 2, Ulrich Juzi (former Swiss missionary to Thailand) is visiting Asia. After visiting his son and family, he will spend some time in Manorom, Thailand. Pray for a safe trip, for strength and health, and that he can be a blessing to many he meets on his journey.