Canada / 17 August 2019

Continue to pray for godly, experienced volunteers to join OMF Canada in the areas of IT, Finance, Mobilization and Reception.

Canada / 14 August 2019

Pray for wisdom for the OMF Canada Finance Team as they begin work on the annual budget for the upcoming ministry year.

Canada / 11 August 2019

Praise for faithful gospel “sowing” in Japan. A lady and her granddaughter responded to a church flyer delivered to her by a short-term worker this summer. She said she had wanted to attend the first time she received the flyer three years ago! She was reminded of this when the same flyer appeared last year. This year she has made the decision to come.

Canada / 07 August 2019

Praise for the more than 40 individuals and teams from Canada who are serving in Asia as short-term workers this summer. Pray that they will be used in what God is doing there, and that they will be an encouragement to long-term missionaries. Pray also that God speaks into their lives regarding ministry involvement upon their return to Canada.

Canada / 04 August 2019

Pray for another OMF family from Canada who has returned to a different country in Asia. Ask for God’s guidance in a new ministry (mobilizing Asians for ministry to 61 unreached people groups in their area). Pray for them as they settle into a new culture. Pray also for their young daughter enrolled in an international Christian school for the first time.

Canada / 01 August 2019

Pray for an OMF family from Canada returning to ministry in East Asia. Their three sons are entering new schools. Pray for the transition for each of them, that they will know the closeness of their Heavenly Father, who does not change.

Canada / 29 July 2019

In one East Asian country there are over 100 people groups, each with their own dialect or language. Most of the smaller people groups do not yet have believers among them. However, in the last year a movement has grown in the national church to reach every people group with the gospel. This year, 17 national workers have taken up the challenge to take the gospel cross-culturally in their own country. Last month, 65 additional nationals joined to complete this task. Praise God for his work in this country! May His will continue to be done.

Canada / 05 July 2019

Pray for Gordon King, OMF Canada Personnel Manager, and his wife, Norma, as they travel throughout Asia for several weeks visiting colleagues and attending a consultation in Singapore. Pray for safety in travel, good health, and much wisdom, discernment and grace as they listen to and support OMF Canada members on the field.

Canada / 02 July 2019

Praise God for the more than 50 participants at the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course being held in a large church in Toronto. Pray for attendees to be faithful in attendance and completing the homework, and for God to speak to them as they learn more about global mission.

Canada / 29 June 2019

Continue to join the OMF Canada team in asking God for a lead Serve Asia (Short Term) Coordinator. In the meantime, pray for strength and good time management for Melissa, who is covering this role as well as her own responsibilities as Mobilization Coordinator. Praise the Lord for the help of an OMF team in British Columbia that has helped train a Serve Asia team in their area.