Canada / 26 September 2020

The OMF Canada Mobilization team has launched Asia Online, an online information sharing and discussion time for anyone interested in learning about cross-cultural ministry. Pray that God uses this initiative to raise up workers who are passionate for His Kingdom among East Asia’s peoples.

Canada / 23 September 2020

Pray for God’s comfort to be with the OMF community as we have experienced the deaths of three colleagues’ parents and two colleagues over the recent months. We rejoice together and we weep together.

Canada / 20 September 2020

Praise God that Eng has joined the OMF Canada Finance team as the new Receipting Manager. He is currently training for his role. Praise God also for Jean who has served in this role for 42 years and will be retiring.

Canada / 17 September 2020

The first-ever online Perspectives Study Program begins in September. This 15-week course is taught by missionaries and professors. Students have the opportunity to discover what God is doing around the world, and consider their part in His purposes. Pray for the teachers and students as they participate, that God would stir in people’s hearts to be involved with his global purposes.

Canada / 14 September 2020

Praise God that three OMF workers from Canada who were waiting for international borders to open have now arrived in their countries of service. Pray for their adjustment and preparation for ministry.

Canada / 11 September 2020

Thank you for praying for coverage for the OMF Canada Communications department while the Coordinator is on maternity leave. Two people – Rob and Elissa – are managing most of this role currently. Pray for them as they learn and carry out their responsibilities.

Canada / 04 August 2020

Pray for the many workers who are applying for visas to return to their work/ministries in Thailand. May God grant them favour in the eyes of the Thai officials in the country and in the Thai embassies around the world.

Canada / 01 August 2020

Pray for David & Diane in OMF Canada’s Candidate Department as they track with candidates who are looking to join OMF. Pray that all paperwork can be completed in order for all seven candidates to join a first-ever virtual Candidate Course in October. Pray for the planning and teaching of the course using this platform.

Canada / 29 July 2020

Pray for final confirmation of a new Receipting Manager for the OMF Canada Finance Department. If all goes well, training will begin in August.

Canada / 27 July 2020

Continue to pray for coverage for the OMF Canada Communications Coordinator as she begins maternity leave in August. Pray for the handover of the publication coordination part of the role to a colleague, which is happening now. There may be someone to cover the content management part of this role. Pray this need is met soon.