Canada / 08 May 2021

Praise God for forward movement for two OMF Canada workers preparing to serve in Asia. One has received full prayer and financial support and will be joining the International Orientation Course online in July. The other is now able to apply for a teaching visa.

Canada / 05 May 2021

Praise God that two OMF Canada units (one family and one single) who were able to go to their fields of service in Asia are getting settled and oriented to life there. One will start ministry this month.

Canada / 27 April 2021

OMF Canada is in urgent need of a qualified person for the IT Department and for a Coordinator for the Mentorship program. Pray, also, for an ongoing discussion with a possible candidate for an HR position.

Canada / 24 April 2021

Praise for three units(couple/family/single) who were accepted as appointees in the recent OMF Canada Candidate Course. They are now building their prayer and support teams. Pray for opportunities to share this vision and for the preparation of hearts of individuals and churches to join them.

Canada / 21 April 2021

Praise God that two of the five Canadian units (couples/families/singles) who have been waiting for visas and open borders for some time have now arrived in Asia.

Canada / 18 April 2021

Pray for Steve, Leona, Barry, Kyle, and Melissa of OMF Canada’s Community Engagement team that is preparing for two Asia Online gatherings in June and July. Asia Online are virtual gatherings to inform and challenge people about missions in Asia and in Canada. Pray that God will bring new inquirers and raise up new workers from these gatherings.

Canada / 15 April 2021

Praise God for a great launch of Acts1:8, OMF Canada’s short-term alumni community . Pray that the community can be a place of support and encouragement to those who have been on short-term missions and desire to remain involved in missions.

Canada / 12 April 2021

Praise God for OMF Canada’s ministry of Connections East Asia (CEA). CEA has a vision to see an indigenous, biblical church movement in each East Asian diaspora across Canada, evangelizing locally and reaching out in mission globally. Lucy is transitioning into CEA as the Returnee Ministries Leader. Pray for her as she faces a steep learning curve.

Canada / 20 March 2021

In October 2020 five units (couples, families and singles) from OMF Canada were accepted as appointees. They are now building their prayer and support teams. Pray for opportunities to share about their ministries and for God to prepare peoples’ and churches’ hearts to join them in their work through prayer, finances, and encouragement.

Canada / 17 March 2021

OMF Canada has five units (couples, families and singles) who, for some time, have been preparing or waiting to serve in Asia. Pray for final clearances, visas, and open doors for them to be able to go soon.