Canada / 10 December 2019

Praise God for the start of the second half of a mobilization tour for one of the OMF fields in Asia. Their representative will be speaking in several venues in the province of Ontario, Canada this week. May God’s Spirit work through her to inform and challenge listeners to consider mission in Asia.

Canada / 07 December 2019

OMF Canada needs key volunteers for the IT, Finance, and Prayer departments. Please pray for the right persons to be led to these positions.

Canada / 04 December 2019

Several of the OMF Canada office team have experienced/are experiencing illness of varying degrees of severity. This has been happening over several weeks, making life challenging for them and for the OMF teams of which they are a part. Pray for divine protection and for complete healing – physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Canada / 01 December 2019

For any missionary worker who ministers in their home country or works in the mission’s office, there is the constant challenge of maintaining healthy financial support levels. Praise God for a Canadian donor who recently gave a large financial gift for all under-supported OMF Canadian workers!

Canada / 29 November 2019

Pray for four new OMF appointees who have just completed OMF Canada’s Candidate Course and are now preparing for partnership development. May God open doors of opportunity to share his call on their lives and that this will result in prayer and financial partners joining them.

Canada / 29 November 2019

Live Called was an event sponsored by the Missions Hub, a multiagency partnership focused on university students in downtown Toronto, Ontario. It was focused onyoung professionals thinking about their vocation and about mission. Praise God for those who attended on November 23. Pray for that they will respond to what they heard and that many will take steps towards long-term involvement in global mission.

Canada / 26 November 2019

Praise God for the Heart For Asia Conferences (OMF missions conferences) that have touched the lives of many across Canada. Pray for the follow-up of those interested in missions. Pray also that those in whom God is working will be in contact with us.

Canada / 26 November 2019

Continue to pray for the unsettled situation in Hong Kong where many of our colleagues are working. Some report that there is fear and loss of hope for their country. Strong feelings exist among all who have connections with this country. Pray for God’s divine intervention in its affairs. May His will be done; may His Kingdom come.

Canada / 23 November 2019

Pray for some OMF Canada staff who are experiencing health issues. Pray for healing. Pray also for wisdom in the work/life balance.

Canada / 20 November 2019

Pray for ongoing wisdom as leaders of Connections East Asia and Diaspora Returnee Ministries in Canada develop a model to enable a strong joint partnership.