Canada / 07 July 2020

In mid-February Melissa assumed the directorship of the OMF Canada Mobilization team. The team has been re-formulating the department’s vision, mission, and values. Praise God for what He has shown them so far. Pray for the team as they put these principles into ministry practise.

Canada / 04 July 2020

The OMF Canada office reopened June 15. Due to the pandemic, protocols are in place and there are limits to numbers in the office at one time. May God guide the decisions being made regarding the future work setting and team dynamics.

Canada / 01 July 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, two families, two couples, and four individuals returned to Canada. Several others on Home Assignment who were scheduled to return to Asia have had to remain in Canada. Pray for borders to open in God’s timing. Pray for visas and work permits that need to be re-negotiated; this is not always an easy process.

Canada / 29 June 2020

Pray for the OMF Canada Candidate Department, David and Diane, as they track with candidates who are looking to join OMF. Pray for them also as they mentor and encourage appointees (who have been accepted to an OMF Field of service) who are currently building their prayer and financial support teams.

Canada / 26 June 2020

OMF Canada is in urgent need of the following positions: a Publications Coordinator, a Content Manager for the Communications Department, a Receipting Manager for the Finance Department, and a second short-term ministry (Serve Asia) coordinator for mobilization. Pray for the right people to apply.

Canada / 25 May 2020

Praise God that thus far the financial situation for OMF Canada has been relatively stable up to this point in time. Pray for continued provision of the resources needed for ministry.

Canada / 22 May 2020

Ask God to provide two people to cover the OMF Canada Communications department while the Communications Coordinator is on maternity leave, starting in August. Pray also for a second short-term ministry (Serve Asia) Coordinator to work with Carly.

Canada / 19 May 2020

Praise God for his leading Jimmy to take the role of OMF Canada’s Director of Operations & Corporate Engagements. He will be representing the National Director in the eastern part of Canada, both inside and outside the organization. Praise the Lord also for the provision of a replacement for his previous role as Mentorship Coordinator.

Canada / 16 May 2020

Richard, National Director for OMF Canada, stepped into his role on March 1, just as the COVID-19 pandemic began affecting the country. Pray for him and his wife as they continue on a steep learning curve while dealing with the issues of the pandemic in OMF Canada.

Canada / 13 May 2020

Some of OMF Canada’s short term (Serve Asia) workers will not be able to proceed to their ministry placements in Asia. Pray that despite this disappointment they will persevere in understanding God’s call on their lives regarding the Great Commission. Pray for our Serve Asia personnel who are walking with them right now.