Canada / 09 February 2020

Verdell, OMF Canada’s Director of Mobilization, will leave this position at the end of January 2020. We are grateful for his years of leading the mobilization team. May God guide and bless as he takes a new position in another mission agency. Please pray for the OMF leadership team as they discern a way forward for the OMF Canada Mobilization department.

Canada / 06 February 2020

Praise for those who are applying to OMF from Canada. May they complete the required forms in good time to attend OMF Canada’s March 2020 Candidate Course. Pray for the new Candidate Coordinator and his relatively new assistant as they process the forms and prepare for the course.

Canada / 03 February 2020

Pray for a new worker in East Asia who needs to return to Canada to support her family; her brother and her father have both been diagnosed with cancer. Her father is quite ill. Please uphold them in prayer during this difficult time.

Canada / 31 January 2020

Pray for those taking the Perspectives on the World Mission Movement Course being held in a farming community in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Perspectives is a 15-week course investigating the historical, biblical, cultural and strategic aspects of God’s global purpose. May God use what they learn to draw some into active, or more active, roles in missions.

Canada / 28 January 2020

Thank you for praying for the OMF Canada Mobilization Team who participated in the Power to Change Plus Conference – training volunteers, speaking at sessions and talking with individuals – in late December. The team had some good conversations with university students seriously considering missions. May God continue to work in these students’ lives. Pray for ongoing follow-up.

Canada / 25 January 2020

OMF British Columbia will participate in MissionFest Vancouver, Jan 31 – Feb 2. Pray for good preparation of those who will be speaking and for those at the OMF booth. May God work through them in calling people into mission ministry.

Canada / 22 January 2020

Thank you for your prayers for the OMF Canada financial team over the Christmas and New Year season as they worked overtime dealing with year-end matters and donations. Praise God that the work was completed! He has provided for OMF Canada abundantly. Praise Him for His generosity and faithfulness to us!

Canada / 19 January 2020

Praise for Graham, a Canadian believer who has been led by God to intercede in prayer for OMF workers in Asia. His commitment to this ministry is amazing. Praise God for intercessors such as Graham.

Canada / 16 January 2020

Pray for the OMF Canada mobilization team members who were involved with the Canadian Power to Change (P2C) training on Dec 27 and who are speaking at the P2C Conference Dec 28 – 31. May God give strength and wisdom for all involved. May He be glorified in the lives of the students who attend.