Belgium / 12 July 2021

In September 2022, OMF Belgium will partner with eight other mission agencies to organise a missions week. Pray for many churches to incorporate this emphasis into their services, youth programs, and prayer meetings. Pray for all the organisations participating to follow-up very well with those who will respond with interest.

Belgium / 09 July 2021

Praise God for some recent inquiries to the OMF Belgium office about short-term and long-term commitment to missions in Asia. Pray for good follow-up and God’s leading in working with these who are interested.

Belgium / 06 July 2021

In October, OMF Belgium and OMF Netherlands will organise a concert by a worship artist who has written a song about the Great Commission. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to mobilize people for mission. Pray for changed hearts and more people called to serve among East Asians.

Belgium / 20 October 2020

Pray for Katrien & Jesse, a Belgian Dutch couple who have started at Bible college in the UK as OMF Belgium/Netherlands candidates. Pray for them as they settle into life in the UK. Pray that the OMF Belgium team would be able to mobilize Belgian believers to support this couple.

Belgium / 13 October 2020

OMF Belgium has started a youth volunteer group called OMF BE Creative Space composed of five young people who want to invest one hour a week for OMF Belgium. It is an exciting initiative, where the young people get freedom to experiment with the vision of OMF Belgium; pray for this group as it is still in the early stages of forming.

Belgium / 16 November 2019

Pray for a theology student from Belgium who will go to Thailand for an apprenticeship with OMF in the spring. Ask God to provide all she needs and for her to be prepared spiritually, mentally, and physically for her time in East Asia.

Belgium / 13 November 2019

Thank God for a good conversation and renewal of OMF Belgium’s partnership with the Evangelical Youth Alliance there. Pray for more candidates from Belgium to participate in Serve Asia At this time, there is only one Belgian Serve Asia candidate for the spring.

Belgium / 10 November 2019

OMF Belgium is currently working on a 2020 vision document, with the tagline tagline, “Who do you bless?” based on Psalm 67. It sometimes can be difficult to mobilize churches and Christians for East Asia because they first need to be mobilized for the Great Commission in general. Pray for wisdom as the OMF Belgium team explores how it can support the Belgian church in this general endeavor, without losing its specific calling and focus on East Asia.

Belgium / 07 November 2019

Recently OMF Belgium facilitated a platform for mission agencies in Flanders, Belgium, including organizations working inside and outside of Belgium, but all based in Belgium. Some long term goals for this platform were established. The platform is now going through the approval process from the various organizations’ boards. Pray for God’s wisdom in this process.

Belgium / 04 November 2019

During one of these upcoming missions conferences, OMF Belgium is organizing a Great Commission-focused workshop for youth. Pray that this workshop will create a passion for missions in the youth’s hearts.