Australia / 17 August 2019

Please pray for ongoing guidance on how OMF Australia can build up their Missional Business focus and team to support new ways of working among East Asia’s peoples.

Australia / 14 August 2019

Pray for the establishment of a Marketing and Media team to help Scott Brown (Media and Communications Coordinator) in his new role with OMF Australia.

Australia / 11 August 2019

Praise God for providing people to take on various much-needed roles in the OMF Australian offices, including the provision of a team to look after Australian candidates (people intending to serve long-term) when the current coordinators  leave for Thailand later this year, a new Media and Communications Coordinator (Scott Brown) and a new Prayer and Homeside Ministry Team Coordinator in Victoria (Geok).

Australia / 08 August 2019

Praise God for providing an increase in financial support for our OMF Australian members to 92 percent thus far this year.

Australia / 20 July 2019

Intercede for Nic Crook, OMF Australia’s Queensland Ministry Leader, as he speaks at Bible colleges and with Bible college students; with students and young adults; with pastors and to their churches – and with the people that contact the Queensland office – that Nic will be able to clearly articulate the needs of the lost in East Asia, and for God to work in the hearts of those who are able to make a difference.

Australia / 17 July 2019

OMF Australia’s Queensland Ministry Leader Nic Crook is constantly on the lookout to see who God is bringing through OMF Queensland. Continue to pray with him that God will send the Queensland team “willing laborers” who will serve long-term in East Asia.

Australia / 14 July 2019

Praise God that OMF Australia’s team in Queensland currently has two candidates raising support in hopes of going to East Asia early next year – one woman going to work among Japanese business people, and a couple planning on going out to Thailand. Pray for God’s provision of the needed funds and prayer support for these candidates.

Australia / 11 July 2019

Praise God that the OMF Australia Queensland office has had a number of enquirers contact the office recently. Worldwide, OMF is seeing an increase in the number of people applying for Japan; the Queensland office has seen the same.

Australia / 08 July 2019

Please pray for Moore College Mission Awareness Week from July 23-25 in New South Wales, Australia. Ask that the people who will represent OMF will have good conversations and able to encourage students to consider long term mission work.

Australia / 05 July 2019

Thank God that Sarah Paterson, OMF Australia Ministry Leader in New South Wales, is able to take some service leave for six weeks and that the rest of the team has stepped up to take on her responsibilities. Please pray that everything goes smoothly during this time and for Sharon Law as she takes on the Ministry Leader role.