Australia / 19 October 2020

Looking ahead to 2021 and making plans for how to connect with and mobilize people is challenging. Pray for the OMF Australia team to have wisdom in knowing what to take up and what to drop, and for God to provide the skills needed to adapt regarding how we interact with people.

Australia / 16 October 2020

On the November 4th, OMF Australia is hosting a seminar in Sydney about talking to your parents about mission. Pray that the seminar will be practical and encouraging for the enquirers who attend.

Australia / 13 October 2020

Pray for two opportunities for OMF Australia to connect with and teach students who are part of the Sydney Missionary and Bible College Bridge (gap year) program. The first session is focused on short-term mission and the second is teaching a class about supporting missionaries on home assignment. Pray that it will be interactive and encouraging for participants.

Australia / 14 July 2020

The OMF Australia center is exploring missional business opportunities. Pray for God to send the right people to advise, assist and go.

Australia / 11 July 2020

Pray for David Loon as he brings some new people on board to the OMF Australia Finance and Administration team. Pray for the Victoria team as they move offices soon.

Australia / 08 July 2020

Give thanks for a family in Western Australia starting the application process as long term workers with OMF in Taiwan. Pray for God to direct their application and preparation while studying in Bible college. Continue to pray for new workers from Australia to commit to serve in East Asia.

Australia / 05 July 2020

Pray for new online ministries and resources being developed by OMF Australia. Pray for the Serve Asia Long Term mission interest group that meets virtually. Pray for the Lord to use this meeting to help many in the group to prepare themselves well for long term cross cultural ministry. Pray for new people to join this group. Pray for Scott Brown as he finalises a series of brochures to mobilise new workers.

Australia / 02 July 2020

As Australia lifts restrictions, pray for OMF Australia to have wisdom in knowing where to mobilise, as well as how and when to reconnect with different organisations and people. Pray for connections that were put on hold for the past few months. Pray that we will know how much to continue online as things start to open up again. May we wait upon Him for clear direction: “Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.” (Proverbs 4:26)

Australia / 28 May 2020

Give thanks for technology that has enabled OMF Australia to keep working through the pandemic and office closure. Pray for unity as they work in physical isolation from one another. Pray for wisdom for the leadership team as they plan meetings, training events and conferences online. Pray for the interactive online National Conference (Open for Business), planned for August.

Australia / 25 May 2020

Give thanks for God’s provision of an incoming Personnel Manager for OMF Australia. Pray for Paul Jessop, who will serve on the homeside in this role after Ros Harrison retires in September. Pray for a smooth and effective handover. Paul will also be involved in diaspora ministry to Japanese people in Melbourne. Pray for Paul and Mel as they start to collaborate with new teams in this work.