Australia / 27 April 2021

Pray for Luba as she prepares to run a Mission Workshops Day in Australia on June 26. Pray that God will use these workshops to inspire many into mission. Pray that Luba will be able to finish all the new versions of the workshops soon, and that the event will be well attended and well received.

Australia / 24 April 2021

Give thanks that after a tumultuous 2020, COVID-19 is under control in Victoria, Australia and the OMF Australia team can host ministry events in person again. Give thanks for God’s provision of a modern, spacious and well-located new office. Pray for various upcoming events at the office, including a Thanksgiving Service on June 5. Pray for church partners we are inviting and that it will be a meaningful time together. Pray that our Infusion events would attract, inspire and raise up cross-cultural workers.

Australia / 21 April 2021

Pray for OMF Australia’s next NSW Scope event on May 26. Pray for Sarah as she presents about adversity, suffering and resilience, and faith in cross-cultural ministry. Pray that God will bring those who need to hear about this topic.

Australia / 18 April 2021

Pray for the OMF team in Western Australia as they run a mission conference for the Chinese Methodist Churches on May 15. Pray for a good number of participants and for God to challenge many into further mission involvement. Pray also for David as he represents OMF at the CREDO conference on May 8 (a Christian Conference for young working adults), and as he preaches on May 30 at the missions service of Perth Chinese Christian Church, Parkwood. Pray for good interactions and conversations.

Australia / 15 April 2021

Thank God for OMF Australia’s volunteer workers. Pray for each of those settling into new roles: Vera (Office Assistant, Victoria) and SC (IT support). Please continue to pray for God’s provision of suitable volunteers for the following roles: Prayer Coordinator (National), IT support (National), HMT Coordinator (NSW), Mobilisation (NSW), Member Care (NSW).

Australia / 12 April 2021

Pray for new people to join OMF Australia’s New South Wales team as some current team members look to move on to other ministries. Pray especially for God to raise up someone with a heart for member care and another with a heart for mobilisation .

Australia / 09 April 2021

Give thanks for the safe arrival of five Australian families for home assignment. Pray that they will have good opportunities to share about ministry and connect with people who are interested in missions.

Australia / 06 April 2021

Pray for various mobilization events coming up in Australia , that the Lord would use these times to raise up workers for the harvest. Give thanks for a very enthusiastic enquirer keen to go to Japan with his family. Pray as various state teams work out what they will continue to do online and what can be done face-to-face.

Australia / 03 April 2021

Pray for the new office renovations and refurbishment of OMF Australia’sVictoria office to be finished in a timely and cost-effective manner. Pray for excess office space to be used well for the glory of God.

Australia / 31 March 2021

Give thanks for the opening up of a Bible college in Perth, Australia that seeks to partner more closely with mission agencies. Pray for more connections and good interactions between OMF and the students there.