Philippines / 14 November 2019

Pray for OMF Philippines Home Council’s mobilization team year-end evaluation and 2020 first quarter planning on December 2-4. May God guide and direct their steps.

Philippines / 11 November 2019

Pray for the OMF Philippines Home Council Board of Trustees meeting on November 23. Pray for spiritual guidance and discernment as they meet.

Philippines / 08 November 2019

A major earthquake rattled the island of Mindanao in the Philippines on October 29. Close to 200,000 people have been affected. Pray for strength, wisdom and protection for Christian workers in Mindanao as they assess the damage and are actively involved in relief operations.

Philippines / 14 February 2019

An orientation course for new OMF workers begins today. One of the participants will be joining the OMF Philippines team. Lord, please use this training course to equip and encourage the new team members.

Philippines / 13 February 2019

The OMF Philippines Administration and Finance Committee meets today. Reviewing 2018 accounts will be part of the agenda. God, please give the committee members wisdom to enable ministry through these services.

Philippines / 12 February 2019

God, we pray for the logistical support team providing meals and oversight of the Mangyan Old Testament translation workshop.

Philippines / 11 February 2019

Middle school students from Faith Academy Manila have their Outdoor Education week this week. God, please use the different environment to stimulate their learning and their spiritual growth.

Philippines / 10 February 2019

Lord, we pray for open hearts and minds as people meet together to study God’s Word today.

Philippines / 09 February 2019

God, we pray for the leaders of church associations as they prepare together for the future – what needs to change, what needs to stay, and how do they deal with various issues.

Philippines / 08 February 2019

There is a person willing to come to be Head of School at Faith International Academy in Davao, however they have not yet been able to raise enough support to come. Lord, please provide the support for them to begin this role.