Philippines / 15 September 2021

Pray for preachers speaking in front of a camera rather than a congregation in the Philippines. Not being able to see people’s faces hasn’t got any easier over the past year.

Philippines / 12 September 2021

Pray for monthly trainings in the Philippines for churches to help them reach out to other ethnic groups in their communities.

Philippines / 09 September 2021

A recent pause in community restrictions in the Philippines meant that a team retreat and a youth camp were able to go ahead. Praise God for these times of sharing and growing together.

Philippines / 06 September 2021

Pray for those who are teaching online Bible studies to be able to do so in ways that help draw the participants closer to God.

Philippines / 03 September 2021

The OMF Philippines Administration and Finance Committee meet virtually recently. Pray for discussions on next year’s budget for next year. The uncertain times we are living in make this a harder than usual task.

Philippines / 31 August 2021

Praise God for the couples who came together recently at one of the ministry centers in the Philippines, and for the testimonies they shared. Pray that their journey towards Christ would continue unhindered.

Philippines / 28 August 2021

Pray for those from other faith backgrounds as they get involved in local ministry in the Philippines. Pray that they will continue to develop in their love for God, and in sharing Him with others.

Philippines / 25 August 2021

Pray for Internet connections in the Philippines to be stable as people gather online for corporate worship.

Philippines / 22 August 2021

With more community restrictions, churches in the Philippines will again be seeking to reach out to the needy in their communities by providing food and other support. Pray that this will create opportunities for gospel sharing as well.

Philippines / 19 August 2021

Metro Manila and some of the surrounding areas are back to a stricter level of community quarantine now following a surge in COVID-19 cases recently. Pray for wisdom for staff and members as they consider their activities.