Philippines / 02 November 2021

Pray for those who would like to return to their ministries in the Philippines, but who are awaiting a change in restrictions or circumstances to make it possible.

Philippines / 30 October 2021

Local believers are reaching out to their neighboring communities in the Philippines. Pray for protection, and for a welcome in those communities.

Philippines / 27 October 2021

Pray for those who are not able to join in online Bible studies in the Philippines. Pray that they would still want to know more about God’s Word and find ways to connect with those who can guide them on their journey towards faith.

Philippines / 24 October 2021

Untoward incidents in communities can have emotional impact on children, even if they are not directly involved. Pray for sensitive ministry to children in the Philippines as well as to adults in these situations, and that they would experience God’s healing touch.

Philippines / 21 October 2021

Pray that God would enable each one of us to control our tongues, both in our relationships with others and in mastering the heart languages of the people we are reaching out to.

Philippines / 18 October 2021

Pray for Christian principals and teachers in public schools in the Philippines, and for opportunities they have to reach out to or to allow activities for outreach, in their schools.

Philippines / 15 October 2021

Pray for good interactions with individual ministry contacts via social media in the Philippines and for an ongoing desire on the part of those contacts to seek truth.

Philippines / 12 October 2021

In some ways, networking has become easier because of online meetings where it doesn’t matter where a person is located; pray that the networks made would lead to ministry growth in the Philippines.

Philippines / 09 October 2021

Praise God for new outreaches into two communities in the Philippines, and for the volunteers assisting the team in this ministry. The team are grateful for good relationships with authorities in the area.

Philippines / 06 October 2021

Pray for wisdom for church leaders in the Philippines as they decide whether or not to hold face to face services, and if so, how many people to allow into their gatherings.