Myanmar / 29 October 2019

Pray for God’s empowerment upon all the ministries that he has for each Christian worker in Myanmar. Ask God for enablement and fruit in every daily effort to serve the Lord as each of them lives out his or her calling.

Myanmar / 26 October 2019

Pray for God’s guidance and open doors as Christian workers in Myanmar continue to pray and prepare for members to move to other parts of the country.

Myanmar / 23 October 2019

Pray for healthy partnerships with local Christians and churches in various ministries in Myanmar. Pray that believers there can learn from and equip each other as they serve Jesus together.

Myanmar / 20 October 2019

Pray that as individuals and as a team, Christian workers in Myanmar will have a growing understanding of how God wants them to be involved in his work there. Pray that they continue to step out in faith and do what God has appointed them to do.

Myanmar / 17 October 2019

Praise God for the foreign and local brothers and sisters who shared The Good News of Jesus in all its fullness with Myanmar’s peoples in the past. Praise God also for all who are doing this right now.

Myanmar / 14 October 2019

Pray that God will show Christians in Myanmar individually, as well as corporately, how to pray afresh for the good news to go out, for the transformation of Buddhist people groups in Myanmar and that Christians would be faithful in spreading the message of Jesus among them.

Myanmar / 11 October 2019

Pray that Christian workers in Myanmar will remain in Jesus so that they bear much spiritual fruit. And let us also pray that they can love each other so that the world will know that they are Jesus’ disciples.

Myanmar / 13 September 2018

Lord, please help those involved in culture, language and world-view training. We pray for wisdom, sensitivity and guidance.

Myanmar / 13 September 2018

Lord, we pray for spiritual breakthroughs. Please raise up prayer teams to pray and prepare the way for the good news of Christ.

Myanmar / 13 September 2018

Lord, please give the missionaries Spirit-led direction and a clear ministry focus. We praise you that partnerships with local believers are developing. We pray for wisdom in those intercultural relationships.