Malaysia / 07 March 2020

Pray for the Malaysian church to be vigilant, to unite in prayer and to demonstrate Christ’s love and comfort in practical ways to those around them.

Malaysia / 04 March 2020

Pray for God’s healing grace upon those affected by COVID-19, for sustenance upon the healthcare workers and wisdom upon the governments and leaders involved in making decisions.

Malaysia / 01 March 2020

Pray for OMF Malaysia members who are back in Malaysia and unable to return to serve – for God to give them peace, spiritual renewal and meaningful connections. Though far away, may they still be an encouragement and support to their friends where they serve.

Malaysia / 27 February 2020

Pray for good health and protection over OMF Malaysia staff, members and loved ones.

Malaysia / 23 December 2018

Lord, we commit our plans to start a social media channel to engage and be relevant to young Malaysians aged 18 to 35 years. Please provide us with a strong, creative and skillful team to launch and move this forward. May this be an effective add-on mobilisation tool.

Malaysia / 22 December 2018

Lord, thank you for the individuals and teams going on short-term missions. May they encounter you afresh, be encouraged and challenged as they see you at work among the locals and long-term workers. We pray for good follow-up and that they will continue to be actively involved in missions.

Malaysia / 08 October 2018

Lord, we pray for the education system. May the leaders have the wisdom and foresight to guide reforms, so that all children may have access to safe, affordable and quality education.

Malaysia / 08 October 2018

Lord, we pray for young Malaysians to resist the lure of materialism, to re-orientate their lives to focus on what truly matters. We pray that they will commit to love you wholeheartedly, earnestly seek your will, pursue purity, and serve you willingly and joyfully.

Malaysia / 08 October 2018

We pray for the families. Please restore them. We especially pray for the children and youth. May they be guided with right values, nurtured in healthy environments and grow in good character.

Malaysia / 08 October 2018

Lord, you know the situation of the poor, the sick, the widows and orphans, the marginalised and the lonely. Father, strengthen, heal and comfort them. Please protect them and provide for their needs. Help us to reach out to show your love to them and encourage them in practical ways.