Mekong Minorities / 07 March 2020

Pray for the advancement of the gospel in East Asia and that those gripped by fear by news of the coronavirus would call out to God for salvation.

Mekong Minorities / 04 March 2020

Pray for workers who might be anxious about additional expenses, unforeseen accommodation expenses, flights and visa costs. Pray that God will give the peace that passes understanding in these challenging times and that he would provide for their needs.

Mekong Minorities / 01 March 2020

Pray for workers who are unable to return to their homes during this time. Pray that time outside their field of service will be well spent. Pray for children who can’t go to school. Homeschooling is not easy in times of transition.

Mekong Minorities / 27 February 2020

Pray for those having to spend most of the time in their apartments. One local believer shared that she is spending most of the time reading her Bible and focusing on her translation project. Pray for progress in translating during these times of confinement.

Mekong Minorities / 08 October 2018

Lord, we pray for the 58 neglected people groups in Laos and we praise you that You have not overlooked them. We pray for the initiative that has been started and hopes to see about 70% of these peoples engaged in the next 5 years.

Mekong Minorities / 08 October 2018

Please Lord, make the Bunu thirsty for You and let them return to You, the fountain of living waters.

Mekong Minorities / 08 October 2018

Lord, you know how the beliefs of the Tai Yuan can weigh heavy upon them, approaching life with a nervous outlook, not knowing when they might offend or displease the spirit world. We pray they would come to know the freedom found in Christ.

Mekong Minorities / 08 October 2018

Lord, we pray today for lonely Tai Dam believers, many who are the only Christian in their village or district. Please, may they seek out Christian fellowship with others in other villages.

Mekong Minorities / 08 October 2018

Lord, help PhuTai believers in Laos to honor you in all they do; their families, their workplaces, their neighbourhoods and in their churches.

Mekong Minorities / 08 October 2018

Lord, we pray for the So believers to stand firm, and win the hearts of others by their courage and gentleness.