Japan / 04 March 2020

The OMF Japan Field Conference is due to be held at the end of March. Pray that it can go ahead as planned. Also ask God to give wisdom to those who are organizing the event and communicating with the conference hotel.

Japan / 01 March 2020

Pray for protection from the further spread of the virus in Japan.

Japan / 27 February 2020

Pray for Christians in Japan to show faith and trust in God and point people to Him in the midst of all the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Japan / 07 August 2019

Lift up the LINK ministry for young adults in Japan. The current leader of the ministry will be going on Home Assignment soon. Ask God to raise up a successor for this role and provide more workers for LINK (long and short-term).

Japan / 04 August 2019

Ask God to send more missionaries to come to Japan and work towards the revitalization of the Japanese church, as well as the spread of the gospel in Japan. Related to this is the need for necessary financial support for the missionaries who come. Intercede for the missionaries currently on Home Assignment to receive their financial clearance to be able to return to the field in time. A number of new candidates are also struggling to raise the necessary funding.

Japan / 01 August 2019

Please pray for strength and joy in the Japanese church. It seems that many pastors are tired and many Christians discouraged. Amidst much effort, the church in Japan is shrinking: 72 percent of all pastors are over age 60 and only 2 percent of the pastors are in their thirties. The prayer and work towards “Revitalizing the Japanese Church” becomes increasingly important.

Japan / 29 July 2019

Thank God that the Pain family returned to Japan safely. Pray now for a smooth settling in the Tokyo area. Chris will resume the Field Director role on August 26 and the kids will start back to school. Please pray for a good transition process amongst field leadership.

Japan / 01 May 2019

Join the OMF Japan team in asking God will to provide 200 workers by 2020: 150 full-time workers, and 50 Friends and 6 month+ short-termers. Along with those workers, pray for God to supply the strength and resources needed to support and equip these new people.

Japan / 28 April 2019

Lift up the work of the Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) in Tokyo, where one OMF missionary currently works as a teacher and several OMF children attend school. Please pray for non-Christian community members to be saved. Also ask God to provide (1) new staff for next year, (2) resources needed for the construction of a new building and maintenance of the current school buildings; and (3) stamina for teachers, staff, and students during these final months of the school year.

Japan / 25 April 2019

Praise God for good overnight camps held by Hirosaki Nozomi Church in northern Japan. Nine junior high and 25 elementary children had opportunities to hear the gospel. Please pray for the upcoming Easter meetings: the Passover Meal (April 19), a Children’s Meeting (April 20), and an 8:00 am Easter breakfast, followed by 11:00 am worship on Easter Sunday, April 21. Ask God to prepare many hearts to respond to gospel truth and turn to him.