New Horizons / 12 February 2020

Praise God that a family from Brazil has received more than 99 percent in pledges and financial support needed for them to attend the May Orientation Course! Their whole community came together to help, a wonderful testimony of God’s work in their sending communities. Please pray for Anna and Steve as they continue to journey with New Horizon candidates and personnel sent from Brazil and Latin America. Pray for them as they work on MOUs and partners who are supporting workers wanting to return to their fields of ministry.

New Horizons / 09 February 2020

Pray for Andy (OMF’s Europe Strategy Coordinator and Africa Mobilizer) as New Horizons prays to see a small French-speaking East Asia gathering in France later in the year and also begins to follow-up and support Andrea in exploring partnerships in Africa.

New Horizons / 06 February 2020

Pray for Jenni, OMF’s New Horizon’s Serve Asia Coordinator, as she engages with new Serve Asia applicants from Peru and Argentina (a first!). Ask God for wisdom and discernment in this important role.

New Horizons / 03 February 2020

A Spanish prayer guide for East Asia has been produced, along with a guide on how to start a prayer group. Praise God for those who helped with graphics and translation. Pray that this will encourage prayer for East Asia’s peoples and lead to prayer movements for East Asia among Spanish speakers.

New Horizons / 31 January 2020

Pray for a new partnership being built between OMF and Unidos en Mision Mexico this month.

New Horizons / 28 January 2020

Pray for CIMA 2020, a Latin America wide mission conference being held in Santiago, Chile from February 10-16. Pray for Steve and Veronica (in Chile) coordinating and bringing things together. Pray for the OMF team and volunteers from Mexico, Brazil and Chile. Pray for God to move in the hearts of those participating in the conference. Up to 3,000 young people are expected.

New Horizons / 31 March 2019

Lift up D and N serving in Myanmar. Pray that they would develop skill with the language and Spirit-filled lives that testify to God’s goodness.

New Horizons / 30 March 2019

We are grateful to the Lord for the service of Yuki and Karla from Brazil in Cambodia with OMF. Pray that their relationships with Khmer people would bring kingdom fruit.

New Horizons / 29 March 2019

As the New Horizons core team separates today to return to their areas of service pray that they leave refreshed, inspired and delighted in God.

New Horizons / 28 March 2019

Thank you the Lord for many Latin Americans who are showing interest in short-term trips. May they follow His lead, and may He provide all their needs.