Hong Kong / 13 March 2020

Pray that during this time of instability due to COVID-19, there would be no further instability caused by people specifically targetting Christians.

Hong Kong / 10 March 2020

Many churches in Hong Kong have stopped on-site Sunday worship to avoid the risk of infection. Instead, online Sunday services have become more prevalent. Pray that this change may keep nurturing congregations effectively.

Hong Kong / 07 March 2020

After months of protests, followed by the coronavirus situation, Hong Kong’s economy is facing great challenges. Shops and restaurants have closed and unemployment has increased. In times of need, may believers in Hong Kong experience Jehovah Jireh even more.

Hong Kong / 04 March 2020

Many hospitals in Hong Kong need to concentrate their resources to handle the coronavirus situation, resulting in a long delay for other patients with different problems. Pray for healing and wisdom.

Hong Kong / 01 March 2020

In the midst of a worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment, panic buying of surgical masks, hand sanitizer, rice and even toilet paper reflects a sense of insecurity. May the church display a different level of security and hope in this world.

Hong Kong / 27 February 2020

Thank God that the overall situation regarding the coronavirus seems to have stabilized in Hong Kong, with no recent major surge of new cases.

Hong Kong / 08 October 2018

We pray for more godly, skilled, trained and willing members to join us each year. Please also help us recruit new council members, who can provide good leadership and partnership in the coming years.

Hong Kong / 08 October 2018

Give us wisdom in producing Chinese literature to encourage the different generations. We pray for creative channels through which the publications may reach out in an effective way.

Hong Kong / 08 October 2018

We pray that members of prayer groups will take up responsibility and participate in planning, mobilizing, and stepping out to the mission field; that they would multiply as mission advocates in churches.

Hong Kong / 08 October 2018

Lord, give us a good understanding of the younger generation’s needs and desire, so as to connect and be able to challenge them with the vision in an effective way.