Global / 07 September 2019

Please pray that third-culture kids would learn to be content in every situation and that they would trust in the Lord for his provision for them and their family. Pray also for them to have a healthy, biblical view of wealth and poverty and to learn how to respond appropriately to the needs they see around them.

Global / 04 September 2019

Please pray for the children of OMF workers in East Asia, that they would be able to make new friends quickly – friends who would encourage them and help them adapt and settle in new environments. Please also pray for the right educational opportunities for children of missionaries. Please pray for good relationships with the children of other missionaries on the field.

Global / 01 September 2019

Please pray for the parents of third-culture kids, that they would be patient with their children and prepare them well before change occurs. Please pray that they would be able to support their children through the process of adapting to a new environment. Ask that the children would rely on God during times of transition.

Global / 29 August 2019

Please pray for third-culture kids who are often under close scrutiny. Ask for them to have grace to help them when they are being observed. Pray that they would be safe from the pull of the world in their host country or their home context. Pray for them to have discernment and strength when facing temptation.

Global / 26 August 2019

Please pray for the safety of OMF workers’ children in East Asia as they travel to and from school. Ask that they have an awareness and respect of danger and wisdom to know what to do in difficult circumstances. Pray that our missionaries’ children would remain healthy and safe physically and spiritually.

Global / 23 August 2019

Please pray for children growing up in a different culture than their parents’ home culture, that they would have honest, joy-filled relationships with their parents. Please pray for them to have courage, that they would find their voice if they have needs or worries. And pray for ways for them to connect with their extended families despite being geographically distant.

Global / 20 August 2019

Please pray for the children of our missionary families, that they would develop personal relationships with Christ that are independent of their parents. Please pray that they would connect with someone older than them who can mentor them in their walk with God. Please pray for a healthy biblical worldview for these children.

Global / 03 June 2019

Candidate Coordinator & Personnel Manager Consultation (June 17-21)
Pray for Tania, OMF’s International Coordinator for Personnel, and her team as they organize this consultation. Pray that the training, fellowship and networking that will occur will encourage, enable and bless the candidate coordinators’ and personnel managers’ ministries across OMF.

Global / 31 May 2019

New International Directors
The International Leadership team is undergoing a time of transition. Two new members have joined over the last eight months and two more transitioning over the next 18 months.

  • Pray for God’s enabling for these new International Directors, and for the International Leadership Team to work well as a team despite diversity in personalities and cultural backgrounds, and different strengths and spiritual gifts.

Global / 29 May 2019

International Leadership Team
“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” Col 3:14

  • Pray for unity among the International Leadership team as they meet for prayers weekly, in virtual meetings monthly, and face-to-face every quarter