East Asia’s Muslims / 28 January 2022

Pray for more Christians to live among and serve the Tajik Muslims on the Silk Road.

East Asia’s Muslims / 26 January 2022

With a population of around 51,000, the Tajik are China’s seventh-largest Muslim people group on the Silk Road. Their native languages are Sarikoli and Wakhi (Iranian languages). Pray for them as they increasingly need to learn and use Mandarin in daily life.

East Asia’s Muslims / 24 January 2022

Pray encouragement for workers running community development charities in poor urban areas as they seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Southeast Asia.

East Asia’s Muslims / 21 January 2022

Jesus often reveals himself to Muslims in dreams. Pray for many dreams for East Asia’s Muslims in 2022.

East Asia’s Muslims / 19 January 2022

Climate change is affecting many nations in Southeast Asia. Pray that ways can be found to reduce emissions and deforestation while maintaining sustainable economic development for the benefit of all people.

East Asia’s Muslims / 17 January 2022

Pray for the majority Christian community in the Phillipines to build good relationships with their Muslim neighbours.

East Asia’s Muslims / 14 January 2022

Ask God to enable Christian events and gatherings in Muslim majority areas in the Philippines to go ahead as planned. Also pray for the encouragement of local pastors who run these events.

East Asia’s Muslims / 12 January 2022

Pray for a Muslim lady in Southeast Asia who is reading the first five books of the Old Testament.

East Asia’s Muslims / 10 January 2022

Pray for Silk Road believers, especially pastors, to handle the word of truth with diligence, integrity and love.

East Asia’s Muslims / 07 January 2022

“Isa” (the Arabic name for Jesus) is honoured in the Qur’an, Muslims’ holy book. Pray for Silk Road people in East Asia to be curious about Isa.