East Asia’s Muslims / 28 January 2020

Many Chinese Christians are afraid of Muslims and do not have any Muslim friends. Pray that they may develop a courageous heart to befriend and bless Muslim people in their areas.

East Asia’s Muslims / 25 January 2020

China’s government strongly desires peaceful and stable development. Praise God for their noble intentions. Pray that government leaders and decision makers will recognize that peace and stability are gifts from God.

East Asia’s Muslims / 22 January 2020

Pray for Chinese Muslims struggling with stormy family relationships. Pray for believing friends to show love to them.

East Asia’s Muslims / 19 January 2020

The Tajik are China’s seventh-largest Muslim people group, with a population of around 51,000 in China. They speak Sarikoli and Wakhi (Iranian languages). Pray for them as they increasingly need to learn Chinese for use in daily life.

East Asia’s Muslims / 16 January 2020

Honor is very important in Silk Road societies. Pray that Silk Road people will try to use their business decisions to bless their communities and not only pursue personal honor.

East Asia’s Muslims / 13 January 2020

“I can’t read the teacher’s text messages,” says the parent of a child among the Silk Road people. “I don’t know what my child’s homework is.” Pray for good communication between schools and Silk Road parents who have a low level of education.

East Asia’s Muslims / 10 January 2020

Like many other cultures, Chinese culture can sometimes be very focused on financial and professional success. Pray that Silk Road people will seek godly purity instead.

East Asia’s Muslims / 07 January 2020

The Kazak are China’s third-largest Muslim people group, with a population of over 1.5 million in China. Pray for this traditionally nomadic people as they adapt to the challenges of life in modern China.

East Asia’s Muslims / 04 January 2020

Give thanks for Chinese Christians who are seeking to bless China’s Muslims. Pray that they will learn how to be culturally sensitive and respectful to their Muslim neighbors.

East Asia’s Muslims / 01 January 2020

It is increasingly difficult to place expat professionals in Muslim communities in China. Pray for wisdom and creativity in serving among Muslims in East Asia.