East Asia’s Muslims / 20 October 2019

Intercede for East Asia’s Silk Road people who struggle with stormy family relationships. Pray that local Christians would support them in love and service.

East Asia’s Muslims / 17 October 2019

The Uzbek are China’s ninth-largest Muslim people group, with a population of over 10,500 in China. Pray for improving education and health care in the areas where they live.

East Asia’s Muslims / 14 October 2019

Some children who live in rural areas along the “Silk Road” region of East Asia have to drop out of school at a young age in order to help care for siblings or work in the fields. Pray for them to have more opportunities to continue their education and that they would know God’s love for them.

East Asia’s Muslims / 11 October 2019

Domestic violence is an issue that wrecks families all around the world. Pray for healthy family relationships among East Asia’s Muslims and that God’s love would touch hurting hearts who may have been affected by domestic violence.

East Asia’s Muslims / 08 October 2019

It is easy for people to be focused on financial and professional success more than their relationship with God. Pray that people living in East Asia’s Silk Road region will seek godly purity above earthly gain.

East Asia’s Muslims / 05 October 2019

Pray that China’s “Belt and Road” economic policies might improve the standard of living for China’s Muslims and increase opportunities for Christians to live among them and serve them.

East Asia’s Muslims / 05 October 2019

The Kyrgyz are China’s fifth-largest Muslim people group, with a population of over 187,000 in China. Pray for God’s blessing on these traditionally shamanistic peoples.

East Asia’s Muslims / 02 October 2019

Pray for reconciliation between the different ethnic groups who live along China’s Silk Road, that the region may be characterized by peace and justice.

East Asia’s Muslims / 29 September 2019

Chinese Christians are learning to love Muslims, but some really struggle to give up eating pork. Pray for strength to make this sacrifice in order to build friendships.

East Asia’s Muslims / 26 September 2019

The Bonan are China’s eighth-largest Muslim people group, with a population of over 20,000 in China. Pray for God’s blessing on these ethnically Mongolian peoples.