East Asia’s Muslims / 17 August 2019

Many Chinese Christians are afraid of Muslims and do not have any Muslim friends. Pray that they may develop a courageous heart to befriend and bless Muslim people.

East Asia’s Muslims / 14 August 2019

Divorce rates are increasing amongst China’s Muslims. Pray for the development of healthy marriages, that there would be a decrease in domestic abuse and broken homes.

East Asia’s Muslims / 11 August 2019

Young Chinese Muslims can face a lot of pressure to get married and have children. Pray for healthy views of marriage and singleness to prevail, and that people would not be pressured into accepting an unsuitable spouse.

East Asia’s Muslims / 08 August 2019

The Kazak are China’s third largest Muslim people group, with a population of over 1.5 million in China. Pray for this traditionally nomadic people as they adapt to the challenges of life in modern China.

East Asia’s Muslims / 31 July 2019

In today’s China, national identity is taking precedence over ethnic identity. Pray that God will help Silk Road people to balance their ethnic identity and their Chinese national identity.

East Asia’s Muslims / 28 July 2019

If one person has a financial need among Silk Road people, others will give generously to support them. Later, the person will repay their debt. Thank God for this tradition, and the compassion it represents.

East Asia’s Muslims / 25 July 2019

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice…?” (Isaiah 58:6) Pray that God will bring compassion and wisdom to government officials who are responsible for justice in their districts in China’s Silk Road region.

East Asia’s Muslims / 22 July 2019

Silk Road communities have a rich heritage of cultural traditions and wisdom. Praise God for the beauty of this cultural tapestry.

East Asia’s Muslims / 19 July 2019

As China’s Silk Road urbanizes, rural schools struggle to find and keep good teachers. Pray for teachers to be willing to serve children in rural areas, even when this means personal sacrifice.

East Asia’s Muslims / 16 July 2019

Unity in political thought is an important value for schools and universities. Pray that, in their political studies, students will learn good ways to bless China’s Silk Road regions.