East Asia’s Muslims / 24 May 2020

Today is the “KaiZhaiJie” Festival (Eid al-Fitr). Some men will worship at the mosque. Most families will feast together. Pray for conversations in China, and in our own lives, about the joy Jesus brings.

East Asia’s Muslims / 23 May 2020

China’s Silk Road people will have a “breaking the fast” feast tonight to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Pray that God will bless relationships as families spend time together this evening.

East Asia’s Muslims / 22 May 2020

Along the Silk Road – and elsewhere in the world – there can be severe misunderstanding and animosity between different ethnicities. Pray for reconciliation and healing.

East Asia’s Muslims / 21 May 2020

During Ramadan, the morning meal is prepared and eaten before sunrise. Pray for God to give patience today to tired people.

East Asia’s Muslims / 20 May 2020

As well as fasting, Ramadan is traditionally a time for religious devotion and pure living. Pray that people will hear about Jesus’ teachings on purity and devotion.

East Asia’s Muslims / 19 May 2020

Muslim communities mark tonight as the “Night of Power.” Many worshippers will spend the entire night in prayer. Pray for China’s Silk Road tonight, that the Holy Spirit will reveal the power of God.

East Asia’s Muslims / 18 May 2020

Silk Road people strongly desire the respect and honor of their neighbors and community. Pray for people to find honor in moral and spiritual strength, rather than material wealth.

East Asia’s Muslims / 17 May 2020

Isaiah 58:6 asks, “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice…?” Pray that God will bring compassion and wisdom to leaders who supervise justice in their districts in Silk Road areas.

East Asia’s Muslims / 16 May 2020

Silk Road communities have a rich heritage of hospitality. A guest is lavished with the finest delicacies. Thank you, God, for this cultural heritage, which reflects your generosity.

East Asia’s Muslims / 15 May 2020

God loves to bless his people. Even though we may suffer on earth, God’s promise of feasting and honor in heaven is secure. Thank God for this certain hope, for us and for the Silk Road.