East Asia’s Muslims / 29 November 2019

Pray for good teachers to be willing to work in rural Silk Road areas. As China urbanizes, it can be a significant sacrifice for teachers to serve in countryside schools.

East Asia’s Muslims / 26 November 2019

Pray for Han Chinese Christians who are living and working on the Silk Road. Pray that they would be a great blessing to the Muslim communities they serve.

East Asia’s Muslims / 23 November 2019

Friendship on China’s Silk Road means sharing food together. Pray for conversations over meals between Christians and Silk Road peoples to be seasoned with grace and truth.

East Asia’s Muslims / 20 November 2019

The Tatar are China’s smallest Muslim people group, with a population of around 3,500 in China. Give thanks that, though small in number, each person is known and loved by God.

East Asia’s Muslims / 17 November 2019

Forgiveness can be rare in Silk Road communities. Pray for Silk Road Christians to honor God by being trustworthy friends who model godly forgiveness.

East Asia’s Muslims / 14 November 2019

On the Silk Road, honor comes with age. Pray for wisdom for Silk Road elders as they lead their families and communities.

East Asia’s Muslims / 11 November 2019

Pray that Silk Road business leaders will use their influence to promote justice in the area, rather than just to make a profit.

East Asia’s Muslims / 08 November 2019

With a population of over 10.6 million, the Hui are China’s largest Muslim people group. Pray for God’s blessing on these descendants of Silk Road traders who intermarried with local Chinese.

East Asia’s Muslims / 26 October 2019

Since 2012, China’s government has been engaged in a campaign against corruption among government officials. Pray for a love of justice and integrity among the civil servants and government leaders of the Silk Road.

East Asia’s Muslims / 23 October 2019

Thank God for the strong and increasing opportunities for Silk Road people to engage in business, and for greater access to training.