East Asia’s Diaspora / 10 March 2020

Ministry to domestic helpers in Hong Kong is difficult currently as helpers are being kept in the home by some employers, not allowed out to church meetings or given a day off. These restrictions are causing a lot of stress. Pray for an outpouring of mercy and grace that they might find some rest.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 07 March 2020

Many Chinese students studying overseas are very fearful for family and friends in China. Pray that OMF diaspora workers in their communities can continue to give them the ongoing support they need, and know God’s leading as they do this. Many of our teams also continue to hear from returnees back in China and seek to continue to mentor them; it can be quite stressful just now with significant pastoral issues emerging. Pray that many students come to see who God really is through this experience and turn to Jesus for the peace they seek.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 04 March 2020

Pray for many East Asian returnees who are going back to East Asia and facing 14 days of quarantine. Pray that they will be a strong testimony to those they can witness to. Pray also that we can encourage them wisely with what little time we have with them before they return.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 01 March 2020

Many of our East Asian friends have received some horribly biased comments in light of the news of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, news such as this seems to bring out the ugly side of fear, resulting in prejudice. Pray the Lord comforts those who have experienced these comments and allows others to speak out against such comments. Pray also for God to work in the hearts of those holding such prejudice.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 27 February 2020

Pray for the OMF Diaspora & Returnee Ministry leadership team to have wisdom as they plan some significant meetings in March. Pray that everything can go ahead as planned and that cost-effective travel solutions can be found. These meetings are critical since the group only meets face-to-face twice a year.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 10 September 2019

Related to the OMF workers transferring from overseas work into diaspora ministry, pray for creative ways of providing good “orientation” to these members who are moving all over the world.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 07 September 2019

Pray for new OMF Diaspora Returnee Ministries (DRM) members, especially those transferring from overseas, to settle and transition well in their new contexts, to understand the Returnee focus that DRM has, and that the Lord will use them greatly.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 04 September 2019

Pray for OMF’s Diaspora Returnee Ministries’ leadership team meetings taking place in Seoul, Korea. There is much to cover in the meetings, but the team also wants to connect well with the local Korean home office there in order to understand their context as they see more and more Diaspora arriving in their country.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 01 September 2019

OMF’s Diaspora Returnee Ministries team has been blessed with a larger-than-usual number of OMF workers transferring from overseas to work with DRM. Pray for good processing of all these transfers, that nothing falls through cracks (since we lack a full-time Personnel Manager).

East Asia’s Diaspora / 29 August 2019

OMF’s Diaspora Returnee Ministries (DRM) team urgently needs someone to take up the Personnel Manager role. Pray that someone with the gifting and time to do this will step forward soon. The DRM team also has numerous other services roles that need to be filled: Services Manager, Mobilization Coordinator, Serve Asia Coordinator …and more! Pray for God to raise up the right people to fill these positions.