Thailand / 09 May 2021

Pray for many Thais to be asking questions about life and faith during this time of crisis and for many start to follow Christ.

Philippines / 08 May 2021

Pray for new opportunities and open doors for ministry to emerge out of this crisis in the Philippines and that God’s people will rise up to be his agents of grace.

Myanmar / 07 May 2021

Since the coup, relief efforts to help people affected by COVID-19 have ceased. Pray that people would have enough to eat and that there won’t be a massive wave of infections following the demonstrations.

Cambodia / 06 May 2021

Pray that any Cambodians fearful of COVID-19 will have opportunities to hear the good news of Jesus.

Taiwan / 05 May 2021

Pray that churches and Taiwanese Christians will be ready to share the hope and peace they have in Christ.

South Korea / 04 May 2021

Lord, thank you for your church in South Korea. Please use your people in South Korea to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many people to East Asians to share the good news about Jesus.

DPRK / 03 May 2021

Lord, there are many people around the world who love the people of the DPRK and want to share your Good News with them. Make a way for people around the world to show the love of Jesus to the people of the DPRK.

Japan / 02 May 2021

Pray for Christians in Japan to show faith and trust in God and point people to Him in the midst of all the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hong Kong / 01 May 2021

Pray that during this time of instability due to COVID-19, there would be no further instability caused by people specifically targetting Christians.

Belgium / 30 April 2021

OMF Belgium has started a youth volunteer group called OMF BE Creative Space composed of five young people who want to invest one hour a week for OMF Belgium. It is an exciting initiative, where the young people get freedom to experiment with the vision of OMF Belgium; pray for this group as it is still in the early stages of forming.