Mekong Minorities / 20 October 2019

Lord, we pray today for lonely Tai Dam believers, many who are the only Christian in their village or district. Please, may they seek out Christian fellowship with others in other villages.

Skylands / 19 October 2019

Lord, we pray for the young, fast-growing Mongolian church. Please bless your church with mature and selfless leaders.

Urban China / 18 October 2019

Please pray for OMF families who homeschool their children. For some, homeschooling is by choice; for others, it has been either been impossible to attend local school or a difficult journey doing so. Please pray for grace and patience in their homes, for children to love learning, for homeschooling parents to have adequate support, and for more helpers to come and serve alongside them. Pray for joy-filled homes.

China / 17 October 2019

Please pray for the impact of Christian families on Chinese society. Divorce, abortion, self-harm, domestic violence, overwhelming parental expectations – all are issues that threaten the Chinese family unit. Pray that Christian families might shine boldly – that both Chinese and expat Christians might come alongside their neighbors and friends and demonstrate the impact Jesus can make on families, that others may desire to know and be changed by Him.

Singapore / 16 October 2019

God, please raise up more candidates in Singapore who sense your leading to serve in Myanmar and Vietnam.

East Asia’s Muslims / 15 October 2019

The Tajik are China’s seventh-largest Muslim people group, with a population of around 51,000 in China. They speak Sarikoli and Wakhi (Iranian languages). Pray for them as they increasingly need to learn and use Chinese in daily life.

New Zealand / 14 October 2019

Lord, thank you for everything you provide for OMF New Zealand’s ministry. Please grow new opportunities for ministry through an increase in financial giving and through more volunteers getting involved.

Malaysia / 13 October 2019

Lord, thank you for the individuals and teams going on short-term missions. May they encounter you afresh, be encouraged and challenged as they see you at work among the locals and long-term workers. We pray for good follow-up and that they will continue to be actively involved in missions.

Indonesia / 12 October 2019

A man in Southeast Asia recently came to faith in Jesus while searching for the truth. Soon after, he was put in contact with a Christian family. He now lives in a city where he can be more open about his new faith. Pray for this man, who is hoping to bring his wife to faith and find for a job to provide for his family.

Australia / 11 October 2019

Please pray for wisdom for the Australian National Council as they make decisions that guide OMF in Australia, such as decisions about what to do with OMF properties.