China / 17 September 2021

Lord, we know that you care about people’s physical and spiritual needs. We pray for Christians in China to continue to grow with a vision for serving people holistically – focusing on the practical needs and sharing the hope we have in you.

Singapore / 16 September 2021

With vaccinations increasing in Singapore, pray that authorities there will have wisdom in making decisions about the further opening of the borders and economy.

East Asia’s Muslims / 15 September 2021

Mandarin Chinese is the national language in China, but many from ethnic minorities don’t speak it fluently. Pray for good work opportunities for those who do not speak the national language well. Pray also for opportunities for them to increase their fluency in Mandarin.

New Zealand / 14 September 2021

Thank God for the opportunity for OMF New Zealand to create a mini-series of Film Festivals in collaboration with two other mission agencies. This project has been a blessing first because it is a powerful thing to collaborate with other missions agencies, and second because the Film Festivals are full of wonderful content. Pray that God will use the films to stir the hearts of the people who watch them.

Malaysia / 13 September 2021

Pray for the Malaysian church to be vigilant, to unite in prayer and to demonstrate Christ’s love and comfort in practical ways to those around them.

Indonesia / 12 September 2021

Tragically, in early January a passenger plane crashed into the sea just a few minutes after take-off from Jakarta. Please pray for the families of those who lost their loved ones in the crash, including some children. Pray too for the investigations into the crash to lead to safety reviews and improved standards for low-cost airlines.

Australia / 11 September 2021

On August 18 and September 18, OMF Western Australia will hold its mission exploring evenings for young adults who are exploring long-term missions. Pray for all who attend and that the sharing by the speakers will speak to the hearts and lives of the participants.

Vietnam / 10 September 2021

Pray for Vietnamese Christians to be a good witness to those around them, always ready to give a reason for the hope that they have in Jesus.

Thailand / 09 September 2021

Pray for many Thais to be asking questions about life and faith during this time of crisis and for many start to follow Christ.

Philippines / 08 September 2021

The OMF Philippines Administration and Finance Committee meet virtually recently. Pray for discussions on next year’s budget for next year. The uncertain times we are living in make this a harder than usual task.