Singapore / 16 August 2019

God, please raise up more candidates in Singapore who sense your leading to serve in Myanmar and Vietnam.

East Asia’s Muslims / 15 August 2019

The Salar are China’s sixth-largest Muslim people group, with a population of around 131,000. It is said that they originally came to China from Central Asia by following a white camel carrying a hand-copied Qu’ran. Pray for God’s blessing upon this special people.

New Zealand / 14 August 2019

God, we praise for each person OMF New Zealand is helping to send to Asia to serve short term or long term. We ask you to provide more short term workers, long term workers and volunteers.

Malaysia / 13 August 2019

Lord, please help Malaysian believers to live out the gospel at work. Help them to stand out for their honesty. We pray that they would seek holiness with guidance from your Holy Spirit.

Indonesia / 12 August 2019

Indonesia has been hit with many kinds of disasters one after another. Many people are traumatized, in fear and spiritually anxious, there is great need for spiritual assurance as well as material relief. Lord, please help the social and religious organizations that are actively helping out. We pray that the Indonesian church may grow in seeing this as a God-given time to comfort, encourage and bring hope.

Australia / 11 August 2019

Two Serve Asia workers from OMF Australia will be sent out in August; their pre-field training will be in June and July. Pray for Luba as she trains these two women who are both looking at serving long-term. Pray for Luba’s health, too, that she’ll learn to manage her chronic pain.

Vietnam / 10 August 2019

Thank you, Lord, that Vietnam’s economic development and trade have brought opportunities for people with skills in many professions, especially in foreign language teaching. Lord, please send more workers into this vast harvest field, where the door is wide open and more workers are urgently needed.

Thailand / 09 August 2019

Lord, thank you for your church in Thailand. Please use your people in Thailand to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many people to East Asians to share the good news about Jesus.

Philippines / 08 August 2019

Thank the Lord for the volunteers using their skills and availability to help in needed areas in the OMF Philippines’ mobilization efforts. Ask God to bless them and that they would not tire in extending their help.

Myanmar / 07 August 2019

Lord, hear the cry of the little children. Please provide for their daily necessities, including food, as over a-third of the children are malnourished. Also, please use those who are working among children to bring spiritual nourishment and a lasting hope.