Netherlands / 24 September 2020

Pray that the OMF Netherlands’ new strategic communication strategy will bear fruit and that doors will be opened to the hearts and lives of our target groups. Pray that people’s hearts will be moved through the stories shared, leading to the praise of our Lord and more involvement with global missions.

Germany / 23 September 2020

Pray for OMF Germany as its magazine East Asia Millions is redesigned beginning in 2021, with more space for longer articles, detailed prayer requests and a more attractive design.

United States / 22 September 2020

Pray for the numerous organizations changing their missions conferences to run online during this fall. Pray for the OMF (U.S.) Advocacy team as they work to participate and engage with missions explorers through these events.

Canada / 21 September 2020

Praise God that three OMF workers from Canada who were waiting for international borders to open have now arrived in their countries of service. Pray for their adjustment and preparation for ministry.

Mekong Minorities / 20 September 2020

Lord we praise You for creating the Mekong peoples in all their diversity, showing Your creativity and love for all peoples. Lord, may all the people in the Mekong region hear Your Good News and establish reproducing churches among all Mekong’s peoples.

Skylands / 19 September 2020

Pray for Christians in Mongolia to remember the steady hope they have in Christ and to share that hope with others amidst very uncertain times.

Urban China / 18 September 2020

Please pray for the nation of China, that healing will not just be on a physical and medical level, but that this time will bring the nation, and its leadership, to come to see the Lord Almighty. May they learn not to rely on themselves, on “the people,” or on their own might, but come to see the Lord of Lords. May those in positions of political power be humble, see the frailty of the human condition, and learn to call on the King of Kings.

China / 17 September 2020

God, thank you for church leaders in China. In the more restrictive environment, please help each of them facing difficult challenges. We pray for each of the communities they lead to stand firm in their faith.

Singapore / 16 September 2020

God, please raise up more candidates in Singapore who sense your leading to serve in Myanmar and Vietnam.

East Asia’s Muslims / 15 September 2020

Lord, we pray for East and Southeast Asia’s Muslims. Please bless them. Please help them to learn more about the love of Jesus.