Vietnam / 10 December 2019

Believers in Vietnam are working hard to translate sections of the Bible (text and audio form) into minority languages which currently do not have a Bible or do not have a complete Bible. People are also working to translate the Bible into sign language videos. Pray for the translators to have perseverance, wisdom and insight to choose meaningful words in these important projects.

Thailand / 09 December 2019

God, thank you for bringing your gospel into the lives of Thai people that are studying or working overseas. Please help these believers to continue growing in their faith as they return to Thailand.

Philippines / 08 December 2019

OMF Philippines team members in Manila and Davao meet each Tuesday for prayer. God, please encourage them as you answer their prayers.

Myanmar / 07 December 2019

Praise God for the foreign and local brothers and sisters who shared The Good News of Jesus in all its fullness with Myanmar’s peoples in the past. Praise God also for all who are doing this right now.

Cambodia / 06 December 2019

Please pray for outreach through Bible storytelling to people who live under the bridge of Stung Meanchey, a landfill in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This has started in November.

Taiwan / 05 December 2019

Thank you, Lord, for the establishment of Christian schools, hospitals, and media organizations which continue to have an impact on Taiwan and Chinese communities abroad.

South Korea / 04 December 2019

Lord, thank you for your church in South Korea. Please use your people in South Korea to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many people to East Asians to share the good news about Jesus.

DPRK / 03 December 2019

Lord, you know that people die every day in the DPRK without having heard the gospel. Please allow the Good News of Jesus to spread throughout the country.

Japan / 02 December 2019

Please pray for strength and joy in the Japanese church. It seems that many pastors are tired and many Christians discouraged. Amidst much effort, the church in Japan is shrinking: 72 percent of all pastors are over age 60 and only 2 percent of the pastors are in their thirties. The prayer and work towards “Revitalizing the Japanese Church” becomes increasingly important.

Hong Kong / 01 December 2019

Praise God for the intentional efforts of mission organizations, churches, and seminaries to disciple, equip and invest time and money in the younger generation. Local churches are incorporating mission education into their discipleship program and seeking ways to be involved in purposeful short term missions.