Southern Africa / 25 July 2021

Lord, thank you for your work in and through your church in South Africa. We pray that you would use your people in South Africa to spread your gospel to all of East Asia’s peoples. Please continue to grow the church’s vision in missions sending.

Netherlands / 24 July 2021

Pray that the OMF Netherlands’ new strategic communication strategy will bear fruit and that doors will be opened to the hearts and lives of our target groups. Pray that people’s hearts will be moved through the stories shared, leading to the praise of our Lord and more involvement with global missions.

Singapore / 16 July 2021

Thank you Lord for faithful and committed prayer intercessors in Singapore who have a burden to pray for the unreached people groups. Please lead more people to join in this ministry.

East Asia’s Muslims / 15 July 2021

Praise God that He knows the language, location, and heritage of each people group. Pray for each person in each of the various Silk Road people groups in East Asia. May they discover that they are known and loved by God.

New Zealand / 14 July 2021

Thank God for OMF New Zealand’s faithful retirees who consistently lift up our members and generously give their time to help with events and mail outs, as well as giving financially. OMF NZ owes so much to them and their prayers for its spiritual growth and protection. Pray against loneliness and isolation amongst retirees, that they would be connected, supported and filled with purpose.

Malaysia / 13 July 2021

Pray for the Malaysian church to be vigilant, to unite in prayer and to demonstrate Christ’s love and comfort in practical ways to those around them.

Indonesia / 12 July 2021

Indonesia is facing a huge surge in COVID cases and hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen. To date more than 60,000 people have died, including a high number of frontline medical workers. Pray for God’s mercy on this country of more than 270 million people. Lift up all the doctors and nurses as they face this situation and need to make difficult decisions about who to treat.

Australia / 11 July 2021

Pray that the latest round of lockdowns in Victoria, Australia would not dampen the spirits of those seeking to go into short or long-term mission. Pray that the Lord would continue to raise up workers for the harvest.

Vietnam / 10 July 2021

Give thanks for those producing Sunday school materials for children in Vietnam. Pray these materials would we well used and bear fruit.

Thailand / 09 July 2021

Pray for many Thais to be asking questions about life and faith during this time of crisis and for many start to follow Christ.