United States / 22 January 2021

Many of the OMF (U.S.) team members raise their own support. Pray for them as they work on partnership development while also fulfilling their other responsibilities on the team. Pray for God to connect them with great partners who can come alongside them and support them. May partnership development be a joy and not a burden.

Canada / 21 January 2021

OMF Canada has urgent needs for OMF representation in three regions of the country. Please pray for qualified, committed persons to fill these roles. Pray also for God to raise up volunteers to help the current OMF representatives in Canada.

Mekong Minorities / 20 January 2021

Pray for the advancement of the gospel in East Asia and that those gripped by fear of the coronavirus would call out to God for salvation.

Skylands / 19 January 2021

Thank you God for what you’ve done in Mongolia over the last twenty-five years – the church grew from a handful of believers to tens of thousands. Thank you for the foreign Christians who shared your gospel. Thank you for the first generation Mongolian believers who have a heart for missions!

Urban China / 18 January 2021

Please pray for the nation of China, that healing will not just be on a physical and medical level, but that this time will bring the nation, and its leadership, to come to see the Lord Almighty. May they learn not to rely on themselves, on “the people,” or on their own might, but come to see the Lord of Lords. May those in positions of political power be humble, see the frailty of the human condition, and learn to call on the King of Kings.

China / 17 January 2021

Lord, we know that you care about people’s physical and spiritual needs. We pray for Christians in China to continue to grow with a vision for serving people holistically – focusing on the practical needs and sharing the hope we have in you.

Singapore / 16 January 2021

Thank you Lord for faithful and committed prayer intercessors in Singapore who have a burden to pray for the unreached people groups. Please lead more people to join in this ministry.

East Asia’s Muslims / 15 January 2021

Some Chinese Christians live in parts of China with large Muslim populations. Ask the Lord to give wisdom and grace to Christians in China as they interact with Chinese Muslims. May they be a blessing and a joy.

New Zealand / 14 January 2021

Pray for OMF New Zealand workers who, due to travel restrictions, are waiting without a location or trip to go on. Pray that they would grow in spiritual maturity and that their faith would deepen during this time. Pray for fuel in their fire for missions. Pray for OMF New Zealand’s Serve Asia team as they journey with people. Pray for service opportunities to re-open in East Asia.

Malaysia / 13 January 2021

Pray for God’s healing grace upon those affected by COVID-19, for sustenance upon the healthcare workers and wisdom upon the governments and leaders involved in making decisions.