DPRK / 03 June 2020

Lord, you know about the difficulties facing believers in the DPRK. Please protect them, strengthen their faith and give them opportunities to tell others about you.

Japan / 02 June 2020

Lord, thank you for your church in Japan. Please use your people in Japan to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many people to East Asians to share the good news about Jesus.

Hong Kong / 01 June 2020

Pray that during this time of instability due to COVID-19, there would be no further instability caused by people specifically targetting Christians.

Global / 31 May 2020

Ask God to provide godly leadership for ten OMF centers around the world going through leadership transition. Also pray for the provision of key staff roles at the OMF International Center and other various centers (homeside and field).

Belgium / 30 May 2020

Lord, we pray for Belgium and the state of the church. The harvest is big and the workers are few. We pray for more workers in Belgium. May the gospel touch the hearts of many in Belgium, so that God’s Kingdom may grow there, and new missionaries may be raised to share the gospel to the world.

New Horizons / 29 May 2020

A Spanish prayer guide for East Asia has been produced, along with a guide on how to start a prayer group. Praise God for those who helped with graphics and translation. Pray that this will encourage prayer for East Asia’s peoples and lead to prayer movements for East Asia among Spanish speakers.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 28 May 2020

Many of our East Asian friends have received some horribly biased comments in light of the news of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, news such as this seems to bring out the ugly side of fear, resulting in prejudice. Pray the Lord comforts those who have experienced these comments and allows others to speak out against such comments. Pray also for God to work in the hearts of those holding such prejudice.

United Kingdom and Ireland / 27 May 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation, short-term placements planned for April, May and June have had to be postponed or cancelled. As the situation develops, placements later in the summer will be reviewed. Pray for those who were planning to go out in the next few months – that God will guide them to other ways of being involved in mission in East Asia, or to exploring options for next year. Ask the Lord for wisdom as placements for later in the year are reviewed and for Serve Asia coordinators as they work with applicants and suggest alternative options.

Switzerland / 26 May 2020

Pray for the boarding Homes “Benaja” and “Mountain View” in Chiang Mai that are led by Swiss couples Matthias & Barbara and Andreas & Ruth. Pray for new boarding home assistants for August 2020, as Josua and Pascal will finish their ministry at the end of the school year ending in June.

Southern Africa / 25 May 2020

Lord, we thank you for the diversity of the multi-cultural South African church. We pray that this may be used to extend your kingdom as the church partners with mission agencies.