New Zealand / 14 February 2020

Lord, please continue to speak, stir and challenge the New Zealand church to become actively involved in global mission.

Malaysia / 13 February 2020

We pray for the families. Please restore them. We especially pray for the children and youth. May they be guided with right values, nurtured in healthy environments and grow in good character.

Indonesia / 12 February 2020

Radicalism is becoming a global movement. Though radicalism is regarded as a threat to unity and peace by most in Indonesia, it is reported that radicalism has infiltrated some children’s schools. Pray for wisdom for the Indonesian government in dealing with this issue and pray for the Indonesian Church to be the light of the world in bringing the truth.

Australia / 11 February 2020

Pray for wisdom, discernment and progress with the OMF Australia’s Missional Business focus. Pray for OMF leaders to know how to proceed within the Australian context.

Vietnam / 10 February 2020

Lord, we pray for unity between leaders of different denominations, registered and unregistered. We ask that the relatively larger numbers of believers in the south would have the burden and compassion to reach out across the whole country to those who do not yet know the good news.

Thailand / 09 February 2020

Lord, thank you for your work through Kanok Bannasan Christian publishers. Please help them to be strategic and effective in meeting the literature needs of the growing Thai Church.

Philippines / 08 February 2020

Sometimes it is necessary for a venue to be found outside the community so that spiritual seekers can meet safely for Bible study. God, please provide suitable venues for these studies.

Myanmar / 07 February 2020

Praise God for the foreign and local brothers and sisters who shared The Good News of Jesus in all its fullness with Myanmar’s peoples in the past. Praise God also for all who are doing this right now.

Cambodia / 06 February 2020

Pray for God to raise up more men to serve in the Cambodia church. Specifically, ask God to provide Cambodia Christian men who are willing to be trained to preach.

Taiwan / 05 February 2020

For those preparing to become long-term missionaries, please equip them. Please help the Taiwanese churches and mission agencies partner well, and be able to work well together to support these missionaries.