East Asia’s Muslims / 15 September 2019

As China’s Silk Road urbanizes, rural schools struggle to find and keep good teachers. Pray for teachers to be willing to serve children in rural areas, even when this means personal sacrifice.

Malaysia / 13 September 2019

God, we thank you for Malaysian Christians that are serving as dorm parents at Christian boarding schools. Please help them to be Christ-centered role models.

Indonesia / 12 September 2019

There are several ministry opportunities in Southeast Asia that are available, but there are not enough workers to send. Ask God to raise up workers for these new opportunities to live and proclaim the gospel.

Australia / 11 September 2019

OMF Australia’s Queensland Ministry Leader Nic Crook is constantly on the lookout to see who God is bringing through OMF Queensland. Continue to pray with him that God will send the Queensland team “willing laborers” who will serve long-term in East Asia.

Vietnam / 10 September 2019

Lord, we ask that Vietnam’s young people would find true purpose and meaning in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Most of Vietnam’s population (55%) are under 30 years of age. They are becoming more open than ever to a widened perspective on life. Please touch their hearts, Lord.

Thailand / 09 September 2019

God, thank you for growing your church among many minority groups. Please help these Christians to share the gospel with others throughout Thailand, especially as they move throughout the country for employment and education.

Philippines / 08 September 2019

Sometimes it is necessary for a venue to be found outside the community so that spiritual seekers can meet safely for Bible study. God, please provide suitable venues for these studies.

Myanmar / 07 September 2019

Lord, we pray for wisdom for missionaries to reach out and help the Myanmar people, who value the family highly, but often struggle to know how to build loving, trusting relationships.

Cambodia / 06 September 2019

Pray for the effective training and ongoing mentoring of local Cambodian church leaders. Research from 2012 showed only 33 percent of church leaders had read the whole Bible and 10 percent did not even have their own Bible. Ask God to provide more Bibles for these Christian leaders and for those who do have a Bible to immerse themselves in the Word of God daily.

Taiwan / 05 September 2019

We pray for the missionaries who are coming home for their breaks. We pray for a good time of refreshing from you, Lord, as well as meaningful reunions with family, friends and their churches. May their experiences shed light on the needs and opportunities out in the fields, so that these needs may be met.