Vietnam / 10 July 2020

Pray for churches in Vietnam – whether they’ve been able to take services online or have had to stop meeting due to COVID-19. Pray that church members would meet with God personally and grow in their faith.

Thailand / 09 July 2020

Many churches in Thailand are involved in supporting the poor during this time. Pray for wisdom to know how to help in a truly helpful way. May not only the “squeaky wheel get the grease.” The truth is that the general Thai population now sees hunger as the bigger threat than the virus. Pray for Thai Christians as well as missionaries to be beacons of hope. Let us be faith-guided, not fear-driven.

Philippines / 08 July 2020

Pray that the current quarantine and travel ban measures will be successful in stemming the spread of the virus in the Philippines and that the measures taken will enable the medical sector to increase its capacity to handle the amount of cases.

Myanmar / 07 July 2020

Pray for the Myanmar sign language Bible translation team, as most deaf people have difficulty reading the Burmese Bible. Praise for good relationships with this Bible translation team. One colleague has been asked to draw pictures of Bible stories like a Bible cartoon. This method helps sign language translators to see the Bible in a visual way first, so they can explain it in sign language. Pray that deaf members of the translation team will learn sign language well, so they can understand the sign language Bible better and express its message accurately.

Cambodia / 06 July 2020

Pray for those in Cambodia who have lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic. Ask that Christians will be able to show love and support to their neighbours in this situation. May they find that God is the one who provides for their daily needs.

Taiwan / 05 July 2020

For those preparing to become long-term missionaries, please equip them. Please help the Taiwanese churches and mission agencies partner well, and be able to work well together to support these missionaries.

South Korea / 04 July 2020

Lord, thank you for your church in South Korea. Please use your people in South Korea to bless the peoples of East Asia. Work through your church to send many people to East Asians to share the good news about Jesus.

DPRK / 03 July 2020

Lord, you know about the difficulties facing believers in the DPRK. Please protect them, strengthen their faith and give them opportunities to tell others about you.

Japan / 02 July 2020

Pray for missionaries in Japan to know what God requires of them at this time and that they would rely upon him for strength.

Hong Kong / 01 July 2020

After months of protests, followed by the coronavirus situation, Hong Kong’s economy is facing great challenges. Shops and restaurants have closed and unemployment has increased. In times of need, may believers in Hong Kong experience Jehovah Jireh even more.