New Horizons / 29 January 2022

Lord, help us to overcome legal and administrative matters for all these workers, as well as visa issues, so that they can concentrate on their ministry without too many distractions

East Asia’s Diaspora / 28 January 2022

Lord, please raise up new workers in places where they can be most effective to these Asian migrants. Please provide resources for the local churches to reach out to them, both in the home and recipient countries.

United Kingdom and Ireland / 27 January 2022

Pray for grace for the OMF UK finance team as they handle challenging tasks and juggle multiple responsibilities. Pray for stable and efficient systems that will help them do their work to the glory of God.

Switzerland / 26 January 2022

Praise God for his provision and for many friends of OMF Suisse (Switzerland) who support us in prayer and financial support.

Southern Africa / 25 January 2022

Lord, we pray for the effective mobilization of the South African church so that new South African members may be sent out each year.

Netherlands / 24 January 2022

A number of workers were able to go back to East Asia. For some of them this marked the end of a very long ‘period of waiting’. Thank God for His faithfulness.

Germany / 23 January 2022

Thank God for new applicants and candidates from OMF Germany. We are grateful for those who are interested in Serve Asia ministry. We were able to send two young women to work at a boarding home in Thailand. Please pray that they will settle in well, build good relationships within the dorms and at the school.

United States / 22 January 2022

Praise God for many new people joining the OMF (U.S.) Third Culture Kid team and ministry. Pray for the team to continue creatively supporting children and parents, especially those under extra pressure during the last couple of years.

Canada / 21 January 2022

Give thanks that the number of inquirers to OMF Canada is slowly increasing. Continue to ask God for more inquirers.

Mekong Minorities / 20 January 2022

Pray for workers who are unable to return to their homes during this time. Pray that time outside their field of service will be well spent. Pray for children who can’t go to school. Homeschooling is not easy in times of transition.