New Horizons / 29 January 2020

Pray for Steve and Anna as they build partnerships in Brazil and the wider world of Latin America. Ask for the ability to make strategic decisions, and for good opportunities as they meet with candidates and church leaders.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 28 January 2020

Lord, we pray for the churches, mission agencies and other organisations as they work together to help the Asian believers as they prepare to return to their home countries. Bless this ministry, Lord. May the partners work effectively to equip them with the knowledge of your word, and provide them with the necessary support back home.

United Kingdom and Ireland / 27 January 2020

Please pray for the Finance department. There are a number of administrative issues that need resolving. Please pray for conversations with banks, for clarity around the situations and for good resolutions to be found.

Switzerland / 26 January 2020

Continue to ask God to raise up new workers from Switzerland to join OMF.

Southern Africa / 25 January 2020

Lord, we pray for the effective mobilization of the South African church so that new South African members may be sent out each year.

Netherlands / 24 January 2020

Most High God, we pray that Your Church in The Netherlands will increasingly make worship of You its highest priority. We pray that You will use us as Your instrument.

Germany / 23 January 2020

We are very grateful for our committed volunteers. Throughout Germany, there are various teams of volunteers that enthusiastically carry responsibilities and tasks. We ask you Jesus for good communications and teamwork.

United States / 22 January 2020

The OMF US Field Links team facilitates communication between field and homeside teams. Pray that God will use this team to facilitate communications between the field in East Asia and mobilization efforts in the US

Canada / 21 January 2020

Praise the Lord answering prayer by providing well qualified volunteers to fill roles in the OMF Canada office. May there be mutual edification as we serve with one another.

Mekong Minorities / 20 January 2020

Please Lord, make the Bunu thirsty for You and let them return to You, the fountain of living waters.