New Horizons / 29 November 2021

God, we thank you for the meaningful partnerships with like-minded mission agencies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. These have been enriching and brought many blessings to us. We trust we’ve been a blessing to them, too.

East Asia’s Diaspora / 28 November 2021

Lord, we pray for the churches, mission agencies and other organisations as they work together to help the Asian believers as they prepare to return to their home countries. Bless this ministry, Lord. May the partners work effectively to equip them with the knowledge of your word, and provide them with the necessary support back home.

United Kingdom and Ireland / 27 November 2021

Give thanks for new opportunities for OMF (UK) to collaborate with organisations such as Global Connections and Chinese Overseas Christian Mission over the last year. Pray that these partnerships will continue to grow and deepen. Praise God as well for recent church-led events welcoming people from Hong Kong to the UK, and for the encouragement it’s been to see these new arrivals go on to serve in welcoming Afghan refugees.

Switzerland / 26 November 2021

Pray for new long and short-term workers from OMF Suisse (Switzerland) . There has been a loss of members over the last few years due to retirement and children’s education.

Southern Africa / 25 November 2021

Lord, thank you for your work in and through your church in South Africa. We pray that you would use your people in South Africa to spread your gospel to all of East Asia’s peoples. Please continue to grow the church’s vision in missions sending.

Netherlands / 24 November 2021

Pray for our SA candidates that were due to leave in August / September. Their departure has been cancelled. May the Lord be with them and may these candidates grow in their trust in God as they wait for Him.

Germany / 23 November 2021

Thank God for new applicants and candidates from OMF Germany . We are grateful for those who are interested in Serve Asia ministry. We were able to send two young women to work at a boarding home in Thailand. Please pray that they will settle in well, build good relationships within the dorms and at the school.

United States / 22 November 2021

Praise God for working through the OMF (U.S.) team to see 34 new people activated to begin serving with OMF in the first six months of 2021. Despite all of the challenges and changes during the pandemic, God kept moving people forward to serve.

Canada / 21 November 2021

OMF Canada’s next Board and Council meeting will be held on November 25. Pray for wisdom for the Board members as they review reports and make decisions.

Mekong Minorities / 20 November 2021

Pray for the advancement of the gospel in East Asia and that those gripped by fear by news of the coronavirus would call out to God for salvation.