Skylands / 19 June 2021

Pray for the health and safety of all Mongolians during this time.

Urban China / 18 June 2021

Please pray for the nation of China, that healing will not just be on a physical and medical level, but that this time will bring the nation, and its leadership, to come to see the Lord Almighty. May they learn not to rely on themselves, on “the people,” or on their own might, but come to see the Lord of Lords. May those in positions of political power be humble, see the frailty of the human condition, and learn to call on the King of Kings.

China / 17 June 2021

God, we ask you to work in the hearts of key leaders at every level of China. We pray that they would be servant leaders with an integrity and focus on the needs of those they lead. We pray that they would see their need for you.

Singapore / 16 June 2021

Thank you Lord for faithful and committed prayer intercessors in Singapore who have a burden to pray for the unreached people groups. Please lead more people to join in this ministry.

East Asia’s Muslims / 15 June 2021

We want to pray today for the Muslims of East and Southeast Asia who live in mega cities. The region has some of the largest cities in the world. These cities can be places of great economic opportunity but for some this is not true. Pray God will meet the needs of urban Muslims who find themselves living in poverty.

New Zealand / 14 June 2021

OMF New Zealand has quite a few members coming back to New Zealand on Home Assignment in the next few months. Pray that they would be able to prepare well for their return, connect well with their supporters when they are home, and above all, be rejuvenated and refreshed by their time here.

Malaysia / 13 June 2021

Pray for God’s healing grace upon those affected by COVID-19, for sustenance upon the healthcare workers and wisdom upon the governments and leaders involved in making decisions.

Indonesia / 12 June 2021

COVID-19 is a solemn warning, reminding many of the brevity and uncertainty of life. Pray that many in Indonesia would be drawn back to the Bible for answers and assurance. Pray also for faithful, bold, and biblically-sound proclamation of the gospel from pastors and all Christians at such a time as this.

Australia / 11 June 2021

Pray for the OMF Western Australia team as they plan events for the second half of 2021. The event schedule includes the State Mission Conference in September, which involves organizing opportunities for speakers to engage churches, Bible colleges and university ministry groups. Pray for God to pave the way and enable speakers to come. Pray for OMF Victoria’s Office Thanksgiving on 5 June. Pray that this day would be a joyful occasion and a great time connecting with church leaders.

Vietnam / 10 June 2021

Pray for Vietnamese Christians to be a good witness to those around them, always ready to give a reason for the hope that they have in Jesus.