Cambodia / 04 June 2021

Thank God that an OMF Cambodia team member who had to leave the country for medical reasons was able to do so, despite complicated logistics, timing, and travel to the airport.

Cambodia / 01 June 2021

Praise God that a church planting team in Cambodia was surprised by a villager making an unexpected decision to follow Jesus! He has since stopped drinking and relationships with his family and neighbours have improved. Join us in rejoicing in God’s work in this man’s life and pray for him to grow in his experience and knowledge of God; pray also that others would see this change and decide to follow Jesus, too.

Cambodia / 29 May 2021

Please pray for the OMF Cambodia Crisis Management Team as they seek to provide wise and helpful advice to the team in this fluid situation.

Cambodia / 26 May 2021

Please lift up the OMF Cambodia families who have extra demands and stresses on them at the moment. Also pray for opportunities to care for our neighbours and share our faith with them.

Cambodia / 23 May 2021

Pray for the OMF Cambodia team, that each one would depend on the Lord for all that they need – emotionally, physically and spiritually, and find security, peace and joy in His faithfulness and love.

Cambodia / 20 May 2021

Please lift up in prayer families who are grieving the loss of loved ones, but cannot farewell them as they would want to.

Cambodia / 17 May 2021

Please pray for God’s mercy on Cambodia and that in these unsettled times, people would face their need of a Saviour and discover God’s love and care and freedom from fear.

Cambodia / 14 May 2021

Pray for Cambodia’s leaders to have wisdom and compassion in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. Pray especially for food to go to those who really need it and that the authorities would be able to provide clear information. Pray that it would be straighforward for NGOs to be able to obtain official permission to distribute aid.

Cambodia / 11 May 2021

Vaccinations have started in Cambodia, but the how, where and when of vaccine distribution is not so clear. Pray for clarity and speed in getting as many people vaccinated as possible.

Cambodia / 08 May 2021

As with many other schooling situations in the world, schools in Cambodia, including the international schools, are finding the current situation to be quite difficult as students and teachers navigate an online learning environment. Pray for guidance and wisdom for teachers, administrators, and parents as they help children through this time.