Canada / 18 June 2021

Pray for an OMF Canada appointee whose visa application to teach English at a local school in East Asia is being processed now. Pray that the application finds favor in the eyes of the local government and that she be approved to go to this area.

Canada / 15 June 2021

Praise God that an OMF Canada family who had been waiting for almost a year to return to their field of ministry have now been able to begin the visa application process. Pray that the online application process will be done in a timely manner. They hope to return by the end of June.

Canada / 12 June 2021

Praise God for the volunteer team in eastern Canada who worked on the recent online Heart for Asia missions conference (June 4-5). Pray for those who attended to be challenged as they reflect on what they heard and respond to God’s leading in their lives.

Canada / 09 June 2021

Pray on for an OMF Canada family of seven who was able to go to Asia last month, as they each adjust to climate, food, culture and language study. Two of their children have gluten allergies, making food preparation a challenge.

Canada / 20 May 2021

Pray that God would provide OMF mobilizers in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Eastern Canada.

Canada / 17 May 2021

Pray that God would provide someone with the skillset to help plan virtual mission trips to serve as a Short-Term Missions Coordinator in the province of British Columbia (Canada).

Canada / 14 May 2021

Pray for an OMF Canada couple who have full prayer and financial support, have completed the online International Orientation course, and have taken all steps that they can to apply for a visa. Now they wait for borders to open. They have worked several years to get this far. Pray for ongoing encouragement and hope for this final phase.

Canada / 11 May 2021

Pray that 10 OMF Canada worker units (two families, four couples, three singles) preparing to serve will be blessed, led and encouraged in their ongoing partnership development efforts. We are hoping and praying that at least six of them will be cleared to begin ministry in Asia this year.

Canada / 08 May 2021

Praise God for forward movement for two OMF Canada workers preparing to serve in Asia. One has received full prayer and financial support and will be joining the International Orientation Course online in July. The other is now able to apply for a teaching visa.

Canada / 05 May 2021

Praise God that two OMF Canada units (one family and one single) who were able to go to their fields of service in Asia are getting settled and oriented to life there. One will start ministry this month.