Anyone who welcomes you welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.

— Matthew 10:40

Praise God that a family from Brazil has received more than 99 percent in pledges and financial support needed for them to attend the May Orientation Course! Their whole community came together to help, a wonderful testimony of God’s work in their sending communities. Please pray for Anna and Steve as they continue to journey with New Horizon candidates and personnel sent from Brazil and Latin America. Pray for them as they work on MOUs and partners who are supporting workers wanting to return to their fields of ministry.

Pray for Andy (OMF’s Europe Strategy Coordinator and Africa Mobilizer) as New Horizons prays to see a small French-speaking East Asia gathering in France later in the year and also begins to follow-up and support Andrea in exploring partnerships in Africa.

Pray for Jenni, OMF’s New Horizon’s Serve Asia Coordinator, as she engages with new Serve Asia applicants from Peru and Argentina (a first!). Ask God for wisdom and discernment in this important role.

A Spanish prayer guide for East Asia has been produced, along with a guide on how to start a prayer group. Praise God for those who helped with graphics and translation. Pray that this will encourage prayer for East Asia’s peoples and lead to prayer movements for East Asia among Spanish speakers.

Pray for a new partnership being built between OMF and Unidos en Mision Mexico this month.

Introduction to New Horizons

About New Horizons

OMF began as the China Inland Mission (CIM) with workers coming from the UK to serve in China. Today, OMF is an international agency with members from more than 30 different nationalities, engaged with most of East Asia’s countries and with East Asian Diaspora in nearly a dozen additional countries around the world. In 1965, we officially welcomed our first member from an Asian country. Today over 40% of OMF is of Asian ethnicity and more than a quarter of our members are sent by Asian countries.


However, OMF does not work alone. There are many other missionary movements around the world who are reaching out to Asia’s peoples, but with whom we have no contact. Some of them are asking OMF if we can partner together. We also have many individual inquirers, from countries where OMF has no presence, who are being led into the same ministries OMF workers are doing.

New Horizons (NH) is a global OMF community focused on partnering with the church and mission agencies in these places. We have NH teams focused on Africa, Europe (including Eastern Europe), Latin America, and India, that is, in places that do not have an OMF office. These teams reach out to the local communities to provide a link to OMF, and to seek out new opportunities for partnership. The potential is huge, but given our resources, we are currently focused on India, Europe Latin American, and West Africa.

A key challenge for the NH teams is overcoming unfamiliarity. We are working with candidates from cultures and backgrounds which OMF has little knowledge of. The inquirers likewise are not familiar with OMF, having only some knowledge and brief connection through the OMF website. This means that more time and resources are needed to cultivate extra understanding. We need to reach out more to these communities. Administrative, financial and legal processes and issues need to be studied and ironed out. Partnership with other mission agencies takes time to be established as each seeks to understand the other and their values.

Since the beginning of the New Horizons team in 2012, we have sent more than 20 workers to serve in East Asia. Some go for a few weeks and others have served as long as 6 years. Some start as volunteers and then stay on to become full-time workers.

Sending communities focus

  • Africa
    • Kenya
  • Asia
    • India
  •  Europe
    • Finland
    • France
    • Italy
    • Lithuania
    • Slovenia
    • Sweden
    • Ukraine
  • Latin America
    • Brazil

Lord, thank you for raising up workers for East Asia’s peoples from every part of the globe. Please help us as we grow in being better partners with your church everywhere. Please help the New Horizons team as they work out new ways to see people sent and supported well from places like eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Give us wisdom especially on how to deal with applicants from the more sensitive countries.

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