See, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.

— Isaiah 65:17

Lord, we commit our plans to start a social media channel to engage and be relevant to young Malaysians aged 18 to 35 years. Please provide us with a strong, creative and skillful team to launch and move this forward. May this be an effective add-on mobilisation tool.

Lord, thank you for the individuals and teams going on short-term missions. May they encounter you afresh, be encouraged and challenged as they see you at work among the locals and long-term workers. We pray for good follow-up and that they will continue to be actively involved in missions.

Lord, we pray for the education system. May the leaders have the wisdom and foresight to guide reforms, so that all children may have access to safe, affordable and quality education.

Lord, we pray for young Malaysians to resist the lure of materialism, to re-orientate their lives to focus on what truly matters. We pray that they will commit to love you wholeheartedly, earnestly seek your will, pursue purity, and serve you willingly and joyfully.

We pray for the families. Please restore them. We especially pray for the children and youth. May they be guided with right values, nurtured in healthy environments and grow in good character.

Lord, please help Malaysian believers to live out the gospel at work. Help them to stand out for their honesty. We pray that they would seek holiness with guidance from your Holy Spirit.

Lord, you know about the shortage of pastors and full-time workers, and theological educators for the church in Malaysia. Please call more Christians into this ministry and help them take up the challenge to serve you in this way.

Thank you God for growing unity and churches praying together for/in Malaysia.

Lord, thank you for your word. Thank you for developments in expository preaching training expanding now in East Malaysia. We ask you for effective, culturally-relevant teaching by the visiting trainers and long-lasting application into local church planting.

Christ, you are supreme. We pray for established Christians in Malaysia to put their hope in you for their past, present, and future. Please protect them from past superstitions, present temptations, and unhealthy future plans.

Country Profile

About Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country located in Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand at the north and Singapore in the south. Consisting of two main regions separated by the South China Sea –  Peninsular (or West) Malaysia and East Malaysia – there are a total of 13 states and three federal territories. The official language is Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) though English and Mandarin are widely spoken in the urban areas.

In a population of about 32 million people, the Malays are the majority, followed by the Chinese, Indians, indigenous tribes and minorities. In recent years, the country has received a growing multitude of migrant workers and diasporas of refugees from neighbouring countries.

Malaysia has a newly industrialised market economy, which is relatively open and state-oriented. The fourth largest in Southeast Asia, the economy is heavily influenced by the Malaysian government though five-year development plans since independence. Malaysia’s GDP growth averages around 5% annually. The headline unemployment rate is at 3.3% (as of 2018), however, youth unemployment rate is at a concerning 10.8%. Many religions in the world are present in the country. However, Islam is the dominant religion in Malaysia. Many national holidays are Muslim holy days.

OMF in Malaysia

The first China Inland Mission missionaries came to Malaya, Batu Annam in Johor, in July 1951. Workers then went to the unreached peoples in the New Villages and small towns such as Chaah, Raub, Bentong, and Triang. Although they were not the first to bring the gospel to Malayan shores, the footprints they left behind had a momentous impact on Malaya. Notable contributions of the OMF missionaries in Malaya were church planting, theological training, and literature ministries. The Pusat Kristian Latihan Melaka was set up. Today it is known as the Malaysia Bible Seminary, English and Chinese Department, training pastors and lay leaders.

The fruits of their labour continue to multiply to this day. OMF Malaysia is now entirely Asian-run, staffed and funded. It sends Malaysian workers to countries across Asia to live and work in a variety of capacities.

Population estimates

  • Total: 32.4 million (2018)
    • Malay: 50.4%
    • Chinese: 23.0%
    • Indigenous: 18.7%
    • Indian: 6.9%
    • Others: 1.0%
    • Non-citizens: 10.3%


  • Muslim: 61.3%
  • Buddhist: 19.8%
  • Christian: 9.2%
    • Evangelical: 4%
  • Hindu: 6.3%
  • Chinese folk religion: 1.3%
  • Others/Unknown: 2.2%

Lord, thank you for your church and people in Malaysia. We praise you for the ways that Malaysians are sharing your good news with different peoples all over the world. Please grow and strengthen your church, both in their faith and in their generous hearts for peoples of all nations.

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