May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

— Romans 15:13

Pray that during this time of instability due to COVID-19, there would be no further instability caused by people specifically targetting Christians.

Many churches in Hong Kong have stopped on-site Sunday worship to avoid the risk of infection. Instead, online Sunday services have become more prevalent. Pray that this change may keep nurturing congregations effectively.

After months of protests, followed by the coronavirus situation, Hong Kong’s economy is facing great challenges. Shops and restaurants have closed and unemployment has increased. In times of need, may believers in Hong Kong experience Jehovah Jireh even more.

Many hospitals in Hong Kong need to concentrate their resources to handle the coronavirus situation, resulting in a long delay for other patients with different problems. Pray for healing and wisdom.

In the midst of a worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment, panic buying of surgical masks, hand sanitizer, rice and even toilet paper reflects a sense of insecurity. May the church display a different level of security and hope in this world.

Country Profile

The “one China, two systems” policy is a unique legal system that ensures a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong, while also being part of China. With the support of the Chinese government and its minimum intervention, Hong Kong’s international reputation is characterized by free trade and low taxation, and it has established its position as a vital commercial center in Asia.

Hong Kong enjoys good economic growth. Its GDP in December 2017 stood at USD321 billion. Highly dependent on international trade and finance, Hong Kong’s value of goods and services trade, including a large share of re-exports, is about four times its GDP. This reliance on foreign trade and investment however also leaves it vulnerable to global financial market volatility or a slowdown in the global economy.

Despite the strong growth, benefits to Hongkongers are patchy. Hong Kong’s wealth gap is notoriously high, with the richest household earning about 29 times what the poorest family earns, despite government efforts to alleviate poverty. Over 1 million people lived below the poverty line in 2015, out of a total population of over 7 million.

Religious freedom is one of the fundamental rights enjoyed by Hong Kong residents. It is protected by the Basic Law and other relevant legislation. The diversity of religion in Hong Kong is visible. 43% of the population is religious, and the majority follow a Chinese traditional religion, which is a mix of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, accentuated by local practices and beliefs. Ancestral worship plays an important role in Hong Kong society.

Christians make up a sizable group in Hong Kong. There are 70+ denominations with over 1,450 congregations, totaling about 480,000 Christians. Most of the major international denominations have ecclesiastical branches here.

In the 1960s-70s, churches in Hong Kong had limited knowledge of or support for missions. Missionaries were few, and mission organizations are lack of resources and experience. With the formation of the Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions (HKACM) in 1973, more churches began to catch the vision for the urgent needs of gospel among the unreached, both locally and overseas. Through the continual collaboration of organizations, churches and different networks,   in the past decades, there are now over 750 churchesand 30 mission agencies in Hong Kong providing regular support to  world missions.

OMF Hong Kong Home Council was set up in 1966, with the support of the OMF Hong Kong Field missionaries. Partnership with churches has deepened;  opportunities for mission discipleship and mobilization have increased. Prayer groups are growing. More churches now recognize short term missions as purposeful mission involvement, and an increasing number of field visits have been processed for young professionals.

OMF Hong Kong Map


  • Total: 7 million
    • Chinese: 95%
    • Others: 5%
    • (figures from Operation World 7th Edition, page 252)


  • Chinese folk religion: 60%
  • Non-religious: 22%
  • Christian: 12%
  • Others: 4%

Lord, thank you for blessing the people of Hong Kong, and for the work your church and people are doing. Please continue to kindle the mission movement in this land and the hearts of your children, and to build up workers for your Kingdom. We ask you to raise up more prayer groups and intercessors who will generously pray for all the peoples of East Asia.

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