Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

— Deuteronomy 31:6

God, we praise you for the exponential growth of the church in China. You have grown your church from around a million Christians in the 1950s to tens of millions today. May the Chinese church be a blessing to the nations.

Lord, please bless the people of China with peace. Especially as think of all the diversity across the country and the potential for conflict, please bring your hope.

God, we ask you to work in the hearts of key leaders at every level of China. We pray that they would be servant leaders with an integrity and focus on the needs of those they lead. We pray that they would see their need for you.

Lord, we know that you care about people’s physical and spiritual needs. We pray for Christians in China to continue to grow with a vision for serving people holistically – focusing on the practical needs and sharing the hope we have in you.

God, please send more Christians to China with skills and experience in launching and running small businesses. May they be salt and light to their communities.

Country Profile

China Today

Recently China has experienced urbanization on an unprecedented scale, both in terms of the number
of people moving into the cities and the speed
with which it is happening. This rapid demographic change, coupled with China’s rapid economic growth, has brought many sociological challenges for the whole country. These include a widening gap between rich and poor, intense work pressure, strains on the family (especially for
the almost 300 million migrant workers), and environmental concerns
(as pollution has reached dangerous levels).

Hundreds of millions of migrant workers leave their children and their parents behind in villages of separated families. The focus on urban development has slowed down rural development. As well as the urban needs, there are many opportunities to serve in rural areas.

The Chinese people in urban and rural settings continue to have physical and spiritual needs. This allows Christian professionals to serve those who are disadvantaged as well as to demonstrate the holistic nature of the gospel. Christians with a heart for China’s peoples can serve in the areas of health care, education, community development, agriculture, and business and management training. They can demonstrate the love of Christ in tangible ways while equipping people with appropriate life and vocational skills. Foreign and local believers work together in partnership through holistic ministry.

The Church in China

The beginning of Communist China (1949) looked 
like the end for the China Inland Mission’s work there, but it was not the end for the church. After the Cultural Revolution, the house churches re-emerged (1976-1979). The vibrant church, once thought dead, surprised the world. The official Three-Self Church was re-opened in 1981, 
but the house churches continued to experience pressure. This resulted in the Christians actively engaging in cross-province evangelism and church planting. House churches grew in the late 
80s. Systematic training of local ministers became
a priority, prompting many churches and missions organizations outside China to offer help in theological and biblical training. From the early 90s to today, God has raised up churches in all the key cities in China, and they are now moving to focus on pastoral development, church administration, and greater cross-cultural mission awareness.

OMF China Map


  • Total: 1.3 billion people
    • Han Chinese: 90%
    • Over 55 minority groups (according to the Chinese government)


  • Non-Religious: 44%
  • Chinese Religions: 29%
  • Buddhist: 13%
  • Christian: 5%
  • Traditional ethnic religions: 5%
  • Muslim: 2%

Father, we bring before you those that society has ignored.  Please provide opportunities to meet them at their point of need. May many Christians with skills and training bless China’s peoples physically, emotionally and spiritually. We ask that you would help believers to live out the life of Christ, so that those hurting will see and come to you as their source of hope and healing.

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